Making a referral to the Crisis Team

If you wish to make a referral to the Mental Health Crisis Team you can do so in a number of ways.

Crisis and urgent referrals

If you are in crisis or referring someone who is in urgent need of mental health care, please contact the service on

01482 301701

If you are making a referral from a GP practice, please click here.

Routine referrals

If your referral or enquiry is not of an urgent nature, we would kindly request that you use our preferred referral method of email, which is a secure way of contacting the service. You may still contact the service by phone to make a routine referral, but please be advised that phone lines can become very busy and you may be required to wait on hold until an operator can take your call. Please note that the service no longer accepts fax referrals.

The service has a referral form which you can download here, complete and email back to us. Please complete the referral form as this provides the service with the information required to process the referral, as quickly as possible. If you do not complete the referral form, this referral may be sent back to you.

You can email your referral to our email address which is:

You may also send a referral via post to:
Mental Health Response Service 
Miranda House 
Gladstone Street 
Anlaby Road 

Please remember that if you need to contact the Mental Health Crisis Team urgently or you are in crisis, contact the service via phone on 01482 301701.

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