Liaison Psychiatry

Working with Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals to treat patients with physical and mental health problems

General liaison provides a service for all patients with physical and mental health or psychological problems who are being treated by Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals.

The team assess and treat mental health or psychological problems that are caused by or affecting the management of physical health problems and medically unexplained symptoms.

The team provide assessment, formulation, treatment, advice or consultancy and training around the management of complex physical and psychological problems for patients, their carers and clinical staff. 

Within the general liaison service there are specialist renal, diabetes, obesity, gynaecological and pelvic pain services. The team also provide services for people with HIV, oncology, general surgical and medically unexplained symptoms.

Medically unexplained symptoms are physical problems that have no identifiable organic cause and can manifest, for example, as chronic pain, seizures or functional paralysis. 

Problems patients may have include anxiety, trauma or adjustment disorders, phobias, delirium, depression and dementia and psychosis.

How to access the service

Services provided by the general liaison team are accessed by referrals from the acute trust staff.

Assessments can take place on the ward or on an out-patient basis.

Contact Details

Tel: 01482 738060


Prince’s Court,
Prince’s Avenue,

Department of Psychological Medicine
(off Gladstone Street)
220-236 Anlaby Road