Work Experience

Work experience in the NHS is a fantastic way to gain an insight into the many career opportunities in healthcare.

Work experience is aimed at 14–16-year-olds and involves the opportunity for students to develop their knowledge on the career pathway they may want to take whilst developing their confidence, skills, and knowledge.  

Work placement is aimed at 16–18-year-olds and involves the opportunity for students to gain study specific relevant vocational training, a real sense of what it is like to be in the workplace and gather experience, skills, and knowledge ready for the next step in their career pathway either through an apprenticeship, university, or employment.

T-level students can conduct their placements within the NHS Humber Teaching Foundation Trust relevant to their subject area and work alongside healthcare professionals

Work experience, placement and T-Level students can bring an extra pair of helping hands, provide the opportunity for supervision experience within a team and offer new and innovative ideas.

There are many departments within the Humber Teaching Foundation Trust where you can conduct work experience or placement:

  • Children’s and Learning Disability
  • Community and Primary Care
  • Mental Health Planned Care
  • Mental Health Unplanned Care
  • Workforce and Organisational Development
  • Finance and ICT
  • Nursing Directorate
  • Medical Directorate


Francesca (Workforce & OD): “Eye opening, got to see and hear how many different supporting functions there are - didn't know there was so many!”

Evie (Rosedale Community Unit): ‘I really enjoyed my placement at Rosedale as all members of staff were friendly and welcoming. I learnt a lot of new skills’.

Abigail (Learning & Development): ‘I was able to get involved and take part’.

Discover the Humber Teaching Foundation Trust work experience opportunities within the Health and Social Care sector with Louise Dobson and the Integrated Specialist Public Health Nurses and a work experience student Matilda via the video below:

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