Your Feedback

We want to hear about your experience of our healthcare services. Sharing your views and experiences helps us to continuously improve our services, and provide the best possible patient experience.

You can share your experiences in a number of ways.

Friends and Family test

The NHS Friends and Family Test is a simple question that patients across the country are asked about the care they have received.

Patients are asked: “Thinking about the service we provide, overall, how was your experience of our service?”

The test aims to:

  • Encourage patient feedback
  • Show patients that their views and experiences matter to the NHS
  • Improve patient services and experience.
  • Provide feedback on the care and treatment
  • See where we've done things right and allow us to share that between our services

How does the test work?

You are given one of our questionnaires to complete either when you or a person you care for has received one of our services, or when you or a person you care for has been or is ready to be discharged from our services. You are either given a survey form or are asked to answer the friends and family test question online.

The questions are answered anonymously which means you don’t have to give us any personal information. You can have a family member or carer help you complete the survey.You don’t have to complete the test but by doing so you will help us to deliver the best possible care for our patients.

How are the results used?

Once the responses are gathered we analyse the information along with your comments and combine them with feedback from other patients. This information is used in order to identify areas for improvements to help us promote a positive experience for you.

We also create an overall score and publish these results on our website.  

Does this replace the NHS compliments/complaints procedure or other forms of feedback?

This does not replace our complaints procedure or any other form of feedback, contact details for our complaints service can be found here.

Useful Links

Complete our Friends and Family test here.

View the latest Friends and Family test Quality Report information.

View how your feedback is helping us to improve our services.

NHS Choices

You can leave a comment about our services on their profile page on NHS choices. Select the service from the list linked below and select ‘leave review’.

Care Opinion

Care Opinion is national independent feedback platform for health services where you can share your experience of health or care services, and help improve them.

If you have experienced health care recently, either as a patient yourself or as a carer or friend of someone else, you can tell Care Opinion how it was. They will then pass your comments to us for us to respond and to make changes if necessary. 

On the site you can:

  • See what other patients are saying about the healthcare that each Trust is providing
  • Share their story so that others can learn from their experience
  • See how health services have responded to comments from others

Useful Links

Share your story here

View our Care Opinion page  


Surveys are helpful to find out what people think of the healthcare services that they use. The results help assess our performance and to understand where we can make improvements and share what works well between our services.

Completed Surveys

2024 Community Mental Health Survey

Preparations have begun for the 2024 Community Mental Health Survey which will be carried out later this year. If you would like further information or wish to opt out of this survey programme, please click the link.


Healthwatch is the independent consumer champion created to gather and represent the views of the public. They play a role on both a national and local level and make sure that the views of the public and people who use health and social care services are taken into account.

Healthwatch can help by:

  • Making sure people’s views on health and social care are heard, helping people to make improvements in services.
  • Providing information about local health and social care services that people may find useful.
  • Ensuring that everyone in our community is able to be involved, and to have their voices heard.

Contact Health Watch

East Riding of Yorkshire  


Tel: 01482 334999




Tel: 01482 499038


North Yorkshire


Tel: 01904 683802




Tel: 01904 621133


North East Lincolnshire


Tel:  01472 361459


North Lincolnshire:


Tel:  01724 844986


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