About our Procurement Team

The principle aim of the Trust Procurement team is to maximise value for money.  With services and departments under increasing pressure to do more but spend less the role of Procurement is becoming increasingly important. 

The Procurement service forms part of the Finance Directorate within the Trust.

The aim of Procurement is to help ensure that the Trust makes the most effective use of its resources by getting the best possible value for money when purchasing goods and services.  Our prime target is to help release money that could be better spent on patient care by achieving purchasing savings and streamlining procurement related activities.

The key guiding principles against which we operate are:


To deliver an effective and efficient procurement service, all Trust staff engaged in the procurement function will embrace the following key principles:


We will communicate with colleagues promptly providing accurate information to support them in their work. We will communicate in a professional manner with all internal and external stakeholders including suppliers and peers.


Tender opportunities will be communicated on our e-tendering portal according to the thresholds outlined in the Standing Financial Instructions and Standing Orders (SFIs & SOs)


Procurement will work to gain suitable stakeholder engagement which may include clinicians, service users, external organisations and suppliers for each tender and project.


Procurement will work in a professional and caring manner at all times committed to supporting our colleagues to provide the best possible services.


All suppliers will have an equal opportunity to win business with the Trust. They will be evaluated in a fair and transparent manner.


Procurement will follow the procurement process in a consistent manner.


Procurement will encourage innovation from our suppliers and customers.


The Procurement process will be designed to meet the requirements taking into account the value, complexity and risk. We will seek to minimise inconvenience to our colleagues whilst ensuring due process and best value is obtained for the goods and services we procure.

The Procurement team provides guidance and best practice advice to management and staff to achieve a cost-effective and efficient procurement process.


Our Team

As we have a just small team of four in Procurement we would be grateful if you direct any enquiry, question or query you may have in the first instance to our central email box at  this will ensure this is directed to the most appropriate person to respond to you.


Interested in becoming a supplier to our Trust?

Our aim is to work with suppliers who can demonstrate they can provide quality provision of goods and services in areas in for areas for example such as on-time deliveries, good performance, quality that meets required standards and thereby keeping internal processing and hidden costs to a minimum.  We also make use of existing national and regional framework contracts and would recommend prospective suppliers to monitor the following websites on a regular basis and take the opportunity to apply for tender documents as relevant contracts come up for review: -

In addition, prospective suppliers should consult one or more of the following websites for contract opportunities with our Trust : -

Contracts Finder