Flexible Workforce Team

Interested in joining the Trust’s Bank?

Our Trust has a ‘Bank’ of workers employed on an ‘as and when necessary’ basis, to work across the Trust’s service areas.  

What jobs are available on the Bank? 

  • Staff nurses (mental health, learning disabilities and general adult) 
  • Healthcare assistants 
  • Admin and clerical assistants 
  • Service advisors (services users and carers employed to be involved in interviews, research and consultations) 
  • Specialist staff 
  • Allied health professionals 
  • Hotel services staff 

How can I apply? 

Internal candidates – you can complete an in-house application form (depending on area of work and current availability) which is available on the staff intranet. If the role you are applying for is different than your current role, then you will be invited for an interview. If successful, the internal recruitment process will be followed. 

External candidates – if you are considering a Nursing, Healthcare Assistant or Admin role, you can apply via NHS Jobs. Adverts are opened on a quarterly basis for applications. Other roles can be applied for at any time by contacting the Flexible Workforce Team on the contact details at the end of this page. 

How long will my application take to be processed? 

The process is driven by the needs of the service, which determines how often shortlisting is undertaken. This means that some application processes may take longer than others, however, you will be notified by email if and when you are shortlisted. 

Where might I be asked to work? 

The Trust covers Hull, East Yorkshire and North Yorkshire. Where you might be asked to work depends on the job you apply for. Usually it will be stated in the job description, but if not, it could be that you need to travel for work.  

The Flexible Working Team always tries to take your preferences into consideration, but it may at times be necessary to offer you work a little further away from your home. 

How much work will I get? 

No guarantees can be given as to how much work is or will be available. Generally, the more flexible you are, the more work can often be offered. 

How often will I be paid? 

Bank workers are paid monthly in arrears.  

Do I have to accept work that is offered? 

No, Bank workers are employed on a basis that has ‘no mutuality of obligation’. This means that you don’t have to accept work offered to you and the Trust does not have to offer you any work. 

What will happen if I cannot work for a while? 

If you have not worked for six months, we will write to you advising that you will be removed from the Trust Bank. 

Will I get any training? 

The Trust has a mandatory training programme and Bank workers are expected to attend these training sessions as appropriate. 

Do I need any qualifications or experience? 

This is dependent on the role you are applying for. The job description will outline what experience and qualifications are required, which is supplied with the applications form. 

Contact details

Flexible Workforce Team (FWT) 
Humber NHS Foundation Trust 
Mary Seacole Building 
Willerby Hill 
Beverley Road 
HU10 6ED 

Tel: 01482 389223/4 

Email: HNF-TR.fwt@nhs.net