Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Prevention and Control is a priority for our Trust

We have a team of specialist practitioners and our aim is to minimize the risk of infections for patients, visitors and staff.

What are we doing?

  • We regularly train and update all staff on infection control issues
  • We promote hand washing and the use of alcohol hand gel as one of the most important ways of preventing the spread of infections
  • We work with our cleaning staff to maintain high standards of cleanliness in our hospitals

What can you do to help?

It is important that staff, patients and visitors work together to reduce the risk of infections.


  • Use the alcohol hand gel or wash your hands as you enter and leave the ward (when available)
  • Challenge staff that you think may not have washed their hands
    Don’t visit if you are ill, particularly if you have diarrhoea and vomiting or flu
  • Report any areas of the hospitals that are messy or dirty
    As a visitor, don’t sit on beds
  • Follow any advice on medications or treatment you are given
  • Take advice before visiting if wards are closed due to diarrhoea and vomiting

As a relative or carer for an individual who is an inpatient, you can request from the nurse in charge of the ward to see the domestic cleaning schedule if you have any queries or concerns regarding the cleanliness on that ward.

How are we doing?

We are regularly inspected for our standards of cleanliness and infection prevention and control.