Meet the Board

Caroline Flint - Trust Chair

Caroline Flint, Trust Chair

Appointed September 2021

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Michele Moran   Trust Chief Executive

Michele Moran, Chief Executive

Appointed January 2017

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Job Description

Lynn Parkinson   Trust Chief Operating Officer

Lynn Parkinson,  Chief Operating Officer

From 1 October 2018

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John Byrne   Trust Medical Director

Dr John Byrne, Medical Director

Appointed 2 October 2017

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Hilary Gledhill   Director of Nursing

Hilary Gledhill, Director of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Care Professionals

Appointed 1 June 2015

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Pete Beckwith   Trust Director of Finance

Peter Beckwith,  Executive Director of Finance

Appointed 1 April 2017

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Steve McGowan   Director of Workforce and Organisational Development

Steve McGowan, Director of Workforce & Organisational Development

Appointed June 2018

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Mike Smith   Non Executive Director

Mike Smith, Non Executive Director

Appointed 1 October 2016

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Peter Baren   Non Executive Director

Peter Baren, Non Executive Director

Appointed 1 December 2013

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Dean Royles   Non Executive Director

Dean Royles, Non Executive Director

Appointed 1 September 2019

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Francis Patton   Non Executive Director

Francis Patton, Non Executive Director

Appointed 1 January 2018

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Hanif Mailk OBE - Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust

Hanif Malik OBE, Associate Non-Executive Director

Appointed 1 July 2021

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