Trust Board

The Trust Board, along with the Council of Governors, sets the strategic goals and objectives for the organisation. They monitor how the Trust is performing against these objectives and make sure appropriate action is taken where necessary.

Our Board of Directors is made up of a Chief Executive and five Executive Directors who deliver the strategy and a Chair and five Non-Executive Directors. The Chair and Non-Executive Directors are not employed by the Trust and work part-time providing advice to the Board and challenge where appropriate.

Michele Moran, Chief Executive, is responsible for leading the organisation. She has overall accountability for the operational management of the Trust and is supported by five executive directors.

Our Chair, Rt Hon Caroline Flint, chairs both the Board of Directors and Council of Governors meetings. Caroline is responsible for providing leadership and ensuring the Trust Board and the Council of Governors communicate effectively, gaining the views of Governors as necessary for consideration by the Board.

The Board is structured in line with the Trust’s Constitution which allows it to fulfil its statutory and constitutional functions and to comply with Monitor’s terms of authorisation. The balance of independent non-executive directors (including the Chair) meets the NHS Foundation Code of Governance.

Our Non-Executive Directors have a wide range of skills and experience essential for an effective Foundation Trust Board. They provide independent judgement and advice on issues of strategy, vision, performance, resources and standards of conduct and constructively challenge, influence and help the executive team develop proposals and implement strategies.

Board members have an appropriate balance of clinical, financial, business and management backgrounds and skills. They work together to ensure we continue our success as a Foundation Trust status.

Should it be necessary to remove either the Chair or any Non-Executive Director, this shall be undertaken by the Council of Governors in accordance with the Trust Constitution.

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