Reporting NHS Fraud

Fraud and corruption within the NHS is unacceptable and diverts valuable resources away from patient care.

Measures to counter NHS fraud were established in 1998 and in 2003 the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service (CFSMS) was established.

Local Counter Fraud Specialists (LCFS) are established in all NHS Trusts to assist in reducing fraud and corruption to the absolute minimum and they can only do this with your help. If you are aware of potential fraud or corruption against the NHS, even if this is just a suspicion or a single piece of information, please pass it on to either:

Audit One Counter Fraud Office

Kirkstone Villa
Lanchester Road Hospital
Durham, DH1 5RD
☎ : 0191 441 5936
✉ :

National Fraud and Corruption Hotline: 0800 028 40 60 

NHS Counter Fraud Service:

Report a fraud via their online reporting form 

The action that you take when you first suspect fraudulent activity may be crucial; do not try to investigate the matter yourself. Attempts to gather evidence by people who are unfamiliar with the law may destroy the case. You will not suffer any recriminations as a result of voicing a reasonably held suspicion. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

Fraud outside the NHS

Report tax evasion

Report benefit fraud

Report fraud and cyber crime


UK Visa and Immigration have put together a list of the latest tricks and scams in use and gives you advice on protecting yourself. To view the scams, please visit

The Metropolitan Police have released the 4th edition of their Little Book of Big Scams. They have also released a booklet called Little book of Cyberscams.

Who Pays for NHS Fraud