Professional's referrals to the Mental Health Triage and Assessment Team

The Mental Health Triage and Assessment Team provide routine telephone triage and assessments to patients who are registered with a Hull or East Riding GP.

Please ensure you have considered the other support services available before making your referral to the team.

Please read the following before proceeding with your referral:

  • This service is for routine referrals only; if your query is urgent or there is an imminent risk of harm, please do not send this referral request. Instead, please contact the service on the professional enquiry line available 24/7 or emergency services.
  • Please note this service is for adults aged 18 to 64 years only. Referrals received for patients outside of this age range will not be processed.
  • Consent from the patient must be explicit before making a routine referral
  • Please complete all fields of the form as it will not be processed if there is missing information. Only referrals received on this form will be processed and other documentation should only be sent as supplementary to this.
  • Once complete, please forward this form by email to
  • Once received by the service, the referral will be screened and you will be advised of the outcome. If the referral does not require further triage you will be informed of this and the most appropriate service if applicable. If the patient is booked for a routine triage appointment, you will be made aware of the date and time of this and you (the referrer) need to inform the patient of this appointment.

Download the referral form from this page only, in the downloads section below.