Staff Constituency

Sharon Nobbs

Sharon Nobbs

With only 4 years working at Humber, I have already seen many connections from the Education Sector where my previous training and work originates. With a passionate interest in staff wellbeing and valuing the importance of a healthy and happy work home-life balance, I am interested to learn more about the Health Care Sector and / the vision and views the Trust hold. I decided to stand as Staff Governor so I could not only gain a better understanding of division structures and strategic goals, but to also have the opportunity to engage with a range of stakeholders in ensuring the views and wishes of both staff and patients are represented and remain an important factor in decision-making for the Trust.

Previous to work in the NHS, I was a Curriculum Area Leader of Music in a Secondary School for 18 years. I play the Piano, love to Sing and have a basic ability in playing the Drum Kit and Bass Guitar. I love spending time with my family- especially our dog Millie. I enjoy psychological documentaries and thrillers and am also a fan of horror films. I enjoy learning and am always up for new courses or projects. I joined the Trust under the Voluntary Services team and very much enjoyed the opportunity to connect with service users and feel I had made a difference. I am now working closer with teams in the Mental Health and Children’s & Learning Disability Divisions from within the Partnerships & Strategy team, and am loving this new challenge and embracing opportunities to make connections with so many different people. I love getting involved in anything creative and engaging with others. My approach to everything usually begins with a creative mindset

Joanne Garner

Joanne Gardner

I stood for election to be a Governor so I can help our partners and community work together.

To get a better understanding about funding for mental health services and the addiction service.

To help support the NHS for future generations to benefit from healthcare

Tom Nicklin

Tom Nicklin

I stood as staff Governor because its important to me to support the trust in its endeavors, as a former patient i understand how important it is to continue to offer a high standard of care to all of our patients and support our stakeholders. I am truly passionate about quality improvement and striving to ensure that we as a trust are providing the quality level of care that helps people live their best lives.

Getting involved in my professional role as an engagement lead and this governor role allows me to be a constant part of the Humber trust and see first hand the great work it is carrying out and how it is engaging with its members with such great initiatives such as PACE (Patient Carer Experience).

For me its ensuring decisions are being made that put the patient at the heart of what we do and i take great pride in knowing that Humber and its fantastic staff are capable of doing such wonderful things as they have done for me in the past and will continue to do so for others.  Being a Governor, myself is fundamental proof of the opportunity that is out there and what the trust can provide.

william taylor 2

William Taylor

I am passionate that children and families with complex needs are supported appropriately by our service and partner agencies. I work in the Hull child and adolescent mental health service, working with children, their families, schools and social care services. 

This offers a first-hand experience of what we might aspire to improve. I stood as a governor as I feel as I want to ensure we meet our trust goals consistently. I want to help those most affected if we don’t meet our Trust goals, which is the children, families and staff. I seek to reflect on the experiences and concerns raised by staff and seek to support them.

I have a family and have lived locally for the past twenty years and have worked in the trust for about fifteen years.