Service User Involvement and Family and Carer Work - The Changes Project

The Changes Project works to provide support for service users in treatment for recovery within the service, family members and carers, mutual aid support through SMART groups and the Mentor volunteer programme.

Family members and carers:

  • One-to-one work with family members and carers
  • Telephone support
  • Group work

Mutual aid:

Mentor volunteer programme:

  • Helps service users in their recovery and acts as link back into the community
  • Offers support in key work sessions to prepare for treatment

e.g. inpatient or community detox and/or community or residential rehabilitation

  • Co-facilitation of group work within the service

Service users are also an important and integral part of the recruitment process and service development. The Changes Project coordinates regular consultation and feedback in order for service users’ needs and suggestions to be heard and, where possible, met.