Sensory Processing Service

The Sensory Processing Service is a specialist service providing support to children who have sensory processing difficulties. This service is for children with a Hull or East Riding GP.

The Team

The Sensory Processing Service is hosted by a small team of sensory trained therapist. The therapists provide advice and formal sensory processing assessments (criteria requirement for formal assessment).The service also hosts a website and provides training about sensory processing differences.

The sensory Processing Service has been developed to enable everyone access to information about sensory processing. The Humber Sensory Processing Hub is a website available to all and can be accessed here:  

In order to access a triage telephone consultation and/or a full sensory assessment with a qualified therapist, a referral is required. The referral criteria are:

  • Parent/carer have accessed and implemented strategies from the Humber Sensory Processing Hub (website). 
  • Aged between 0 and 18 years.
  • Registered to a Hull or East Riding General Practitioner.
  • Referral completed by a qualified health or social care professional or SENCo.
  • Parent/carer consented to referral.
  • Sensory processing differences having a significant impact on mental health and/or physical well-being in more than one environment.
  • Sensory processing differences that are severe and longstanding and are having a direct impact on their daily functioning.

How to access this service

For more information please visit the Humber Sensory Processing Hub where the most up to date version of our referral form can always be downloaded.

Opening times

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Contact details