Children's Learning Disability Team

A specialist child and adolescent mental health team of learning disability nurses, clinical psychologist and arts therapists.

The Team

The multi-disciplinary team aims to provide:

  • specialist assessment, intervention and advice on an individual basis
  • support for children with a learning disability to help them to reach their full potential in relation to social, physical and psychological health needs
  • advice and consultation to children, families, carers and other professionals involved
  • training for staff, carers and families in specific topics
  • participation in planning and developing of new services for children with a learning disability
  • promotion of collaborative working between health professionals and other agencies, including voluntary organisations 

What is a learning disability?

There are three core criteria for learning disability:

Significant impairment of intellectual functioning

This means difficulties understanding, learning and remembering new things and in generalising any learning to new situations. This generally refers to an IQ of 69 or less.

Significant impairment of adaptive or social functioning

This means difficulties with a number of social tasks, for example communication, self-care, awareness and health and safety. This means a young person may struggle to cope on a day-to-day basis with the demands of their environment.

Age of onset is before adulthood.

Safeguarding children

The children's community team, learning disability is committed to working with the area child protection committee guidelines and the principles of the Children Act 1989.

How to access the service

If a child needs help from our team, access is usually through any professionals involved with the child, such as a GP, school nurse or social worker.


Information will not be shared with other people or agencies without consent. However, there are exceptions to this, which will be explained fully at first meeting with families.