Green Hub

We are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect and enhance our natural world. We are also increasingly aware of the benefits of nature and the outdoors on our mental and physical health.  The NHS has a special commitment to a ‘Healthier Planet, Healthier People’ agenda along with the aim to deliver a net zero NHS.  

This webpage is a place to showcase how you can become more engaged in the local environment and utilise the benefits for both your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our patients.

Evidence Base 

There is now significant evidence to indicate the benefits of connecting to and spending time in nature and the outdoors. Here is a selection of reports to highlight the benefits.

Green for staff wellbeing

Space-to-Breathe-Full-Report-.pdf (

Green for mental and physical health

A review of nature-based interventions for mental health care - NECR204 (

Noticing nature report

noticing-nature-report-feb-2020.pdf (

People and nature survey – Natural England

The People and Nature Survey - GOV.UK (

Practical Tips and Resources 

A set of practical resources for clinicians and staff members to adapt and utilise either personally or within clinical settings as appropriate.

A Handbook for Nature on Prescription to Promote Mental Health

A-Handbook-for-Nature-on-Prescription-to-Promote-Mental-Health_FINAL.pdf (

Create a bee friendly habitat for patients and staff

bee_healthy_project_guide_report.pdf (

Outdoor Mental Health Interventions and Outdoor Therapy Good practice guidance

Outdoor Therapy (

How to set up a green walk

Green Walking in mental health recovery | Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Mental health foundation and WWF Thriving in nature activity guide

Thriving-With-Nature.pdf (