What to expect?

Once a referral has been accepted you will be invited to attend a triage assessment. This will help us to assess your child and determine what input may be required. Firstly you will have a discussion with the physiotherapist regarding your concerns and then an assessment of your child will be completed. This assessment may include the physiotherapist assessing your child’s:

  • Muscle strength
  • Co-ordination
  • Motor development
  • Ranges of movement
  • Posture and balance
  • Quality of movements
  • Function

To allow an accurate assessment to be completed please ensure your child attends the appointment wearing loose fitting clothes eg PE clothing or shorts and t-shirt. On arrival you will be provided with consent forms to complete in relation to the care your child receives.

Triage Leaflet

Open Access Leaflet

Information Sharing Leaflet

Information Sharing Leaflet - Easy Read

Once a triage assessment has been completed there are a number of outcomes that may be suitable for your child:

  • Your child may be invited back for a review appointment following a length of time specified by the assessing physiotherapist. The assessing physiotherapist may provide advice and treatment for you to implement at home before your review appointment.
  • If your child requires ongoing physiotherapy intervention they will be placed on a waiting list and you will be contacted when an appointment is available. The assessing physiotherapist may provide advice and treatment for you to implement at home whilst you are waiting.
  • Your child may not require physiotherapy input however they may require orthotic intervention and will remain under the orthotic service only. You will need to contact the service when a review of your child’s orthotic intervention is required.
  • Sometimes your child may require a one off visit in their nursery/ school.
  • Your child may be placed on the open access service. You will be given a leaflet to explain this. If you still have concerns regarding your child in the future then please contact the service for advice.
  • It may be decided that your child does not require further physiotherapy input and therefore your child will be discharged from the service.