Bridlington Breastfeeding

What is Breastfeeding Bridlington?

Breastfeeding Bridlington is seeking to promote positive messaging around breastfeeding in public places. We are launching a new Breastfeeding Friendly Scheme linked to the national Breastfeeding Network which will support mothers to feel comfortable and relaxed when breastfeeding their babies out and about in Bridlington. This initiative is part of an East Yorkshire strategy to encourage local communities to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

The number of mothers currently breastfeeding in Bridlington is low in comparison to other areas in East Yorkshire. We understand that some of the main barriers faced by new mothers when it comes to breastfeeding includes embarrassment and negative attitudes from members of the public. Our aim, via the Breastfeeding Bridlington initiative, is to ensure that new and expectant mothers feel comfortable breastfeeding in public – whether that’s in a café, garden centre or book shop.  

We would like to work with all members of the local community, including businesses, residents, health, and the local authority in Bridlington to create an environment in which breastfeeding mothers are welcomed, supported and made comfortable.

With this in mind, a specialist East Yorkshire project team has been established with the aim of Bridlington becoming East Yorkshire’s first Breastfeeding Friendly town in 2022. 

Who are our Partners?

We have several key partners who are working together to deliver on this important initiative, including:

  • East Riding Children’s Centres
  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • York and Scarborough Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group
  • East Riding Maternity Voices Partnership

Benefits of being involved in the scheme

The scheme is open to any business, venue or organisation that wishes to sign up to show that they welcome and support breastfeeding families on their premises.

By signing up to the scheme businesses can help demonstrate the value of breastfeeding to the wider community. This will make families feel more comfortable about breastfeeding in public and help protect the health of mothers and babies in the Bridlington community.

Business members will have access to free resources such as ‘Breastfeeding Friendly’ window stickers and an information pack to explain involvement in the scheme. This open and welcoming approach will start conversations that normalise breastfeeding in public.

How to get involved?

If you’re a Bridlington based business and would like to get involved, please email us via: and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Please note: emails are monitored between 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.