Orthotic clinics are held at a number of bases across Hull and East Yorkshire. You will need to contact the service on 01482 458809 or 01482 336774 to arrange an appointment.

Your child will have an initial assessment from a qualified orthotist who will decide if orthotic intervention is required. There are a number of orthotic provisions. These include splints, insoles, orthotic boots, callipers etc.

If your child’s orthotic provision is causing a red mark on the skin and this disappears within 20 minutes of removing the orthoses then please do not be concerned however this should be monitored. If the red marks last longer than 20 minutes then you should contact the Physiotherapy Team to book an orthotic appointment for a review of the orthotic provision.

If your child’s orthotic provision (splint/insoles/boots etc) are causing a blister on the skin then remove the orthoses to prevent further pressure on the blister and contact the Physiotherapy Team to arrange an orthotic appointment for review.

It is the responsibility of the child’s parents to contact the Physiotherapy Team to arrange orthotic appointments for reviews. If your child’s feet have grown and they require a larger shoe size, then it is likely that they will require a review of their orthotic provision. If your child has a splint you must regularly check that this is fitting well. If the splint looks too tight around the foot, ankle, or leg, or the child’s toes are coming to the end of the splint then you should contact the Physiotherapy Team to book an orthotic review appointment.

Orthotic Clinic Locations

Physiotherapy Department at Frederick Holmes School,
Inglemire Lane,
01482 458809

Entrance B at Townend Court,
298 Cottingham Road,
01482 336774

Alfred Bean Hospital,
Bridlington Road,
YO25 5TR
01377 208753

Tweendykes School,
Midmere Centre,
Midmere Learning Village,
Leads Road,
01482 458809/01482 336774

St Annes Special School,
St Helen’s Drive,
HU15 1NR
01482 458809/01482 336774

East Riding Community Hospital,
Swinemoor Lane,
HU17 0FA
01482 458809/01482 336774


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