Malton Community Hospital (Fitzwilliam Ward)

Fitzwilliam Ward, is located within Malton Community Hospital on the ground floor. Our purpose is to provide a service which maximises your ability to live as independently as possible and gets you back to the most appropriate setting when it is safe to do so. The wards can also provide palliative care and symptom management to those nearing end of life.

We are a multidisciplinary team including: nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, advanced practitioners, doctors, pharmacy, speech and language therapy, dieticians, health care support workers and ward clerks

Visiting Times

Each patient is allowed one visitor per hour per day, and relatives/friends are to book a slot with the ward for visiting to be recorded, the slots available are –

2pm to 3pm

3pm to 4pm

4pm to 5pm

5pm to 6 pm no visiting protected meal time

6pm to 7pm

7pm to 8pm

We monitor the visitors on a booking in sheet and if more than one visitor arrives at once we would allow half hour each in this instance, we continue to keep the foot flow into the bays at a minimum to keep the patients safe from infections.

We do however have open visiting for palliative patients/End of Life patients.

We also allow relatives/friends to visit at any time to support the patient if a patient has dementia/Alzheimer’s as per John’s campaign, so that the patient has familiarity with family and friends.

Visiting is always under review by the Infection Control team for Humber.

If you require any further information please contact the ward and we would be happy to assist you.

A mobile phone is available for family to speak to patients on the ward.

Contact details

Telephone: 01653 531632

Email: Service Manager Ward Manager Ward Clerk


Fitzwilliam Ward,
Malton Hospital,
Middlecave Road,
North Yorkshire
YO17 7NG