Trust Psychiatrist to lead conference on Loneliness

Published: 23 June 2023 to 31 December 2098

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Dr Faisal Shaikh, Consultant Psychiatrist and founder of MyBabble is hosting the Hull International Conference on Loneliness - Search for Belonging at University of Hull on 27th June 2023.

The conference will provide a platform for psychiatrists, mental health professionals, loneliness practitioners, academics, and policymakers to come together, reflect on the impact of loneliness on mental health and find new ways to help those most vulnerable to build connections.”

Speakers include; The Lord Mayor of Hull, Darren Downs, Ex Assistant Chief Constable Humberside Police, Catherine Bishop, Chief Executive, The Tigers Trust, and Trust colleague, Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Amy Gledhill. They will be joined by local clinicians, academics, and people with lived experience of health conditions.

Dr Shaikh said, “With more people feeling the effects of loneliness as a growing public health problem, there has never been a more urgent need to find innovative ways to fight loneliness and build a more connected society.”

Tickets for the event cost £32 and open to everyone. Register on Eventbrite

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    Dr Faisal Shaikh, Consultant Psychiatrist and founder of MyBabble is hosting the Hull International Conference on Loneliness-Search for Belonging at University of Hull.

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