Join teams developing digital healthcare information at Leeds Digital Festival this month

Published: 18 September 2023 to 31 December 2098

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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB), and Interweave teams are delighted to be speaking at Leeds Digital Festival on 27 September.

These partners in the Shared Care Record space will discuss the work which has been taking place to link information systems and support real-time accessibility of health and care information across Leeds and the wider region, showcasing the collaborative work that teams across our region have come together to create.

This work allows patients to be more actively involved in their own health and wellbeing and represents a significant step forward for both patient safety and informed decision making.

One of the original five Local Health and Care Record Exemplars (LHCRE), Yorkshire & Humber Care Record (YHCR), developed into a product portfolio delivering solutions across different geographical areas, hence the name Interweave.

During the session there will opportunity to share lessons learned around regional digital transformation. The virtual discussion will benefit anyone involved in regional health IT or electronic health record development, especially those with an interest in connecting systems and driving forward digital transformation.

Speakers from each organisation will cover different topics within the remit of healthcare information systems. Clare Green, Transformation Programme Manager at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, is the first speaker and will explain more about Leeds Care Record and how its implementation has been beneficial, as well as its wider impact. Clare will be followed by Rochelle Featherstone, Graduate Business Change Manager at West Yorkshire ICB, who will be taking us through the Integrated Care System and the direction its heading in. And finally, Ian Clucas, Deputy CIO at Interweave, will provide an overview of Shared Care Record initiatives both nationally and regionally.

Ian Clucas said, “Interweave provides a modern, NHS owned share care record and population health platform for its partners, alongside other solutions which leverage the technology stack. We are really excited to be speaking about this valuable work at Leeds Digital Fest this year.”

Rochelle Featherstone said, ‘’The YHCR is joining together information from different health and social care organisations across our region allowing healthcare colleagues to access the right information at the right time at the point of care. Allowing for more informed decision-making, patient safety, and more efficient use of our health and social care services.’’


Clare Green said, “Leeds Care Record is a joined-up digital care record which enables clinical and care staff to view real-time health and care information across care providers and between different systems. It is a secure computer system that brings together certain important information about patients who have used services provided by their GP, at a local hospital, community healthcare, social services or mental health teams.”

The session is held virtually, and anyone can register to join the team at 11am on Wednesday 27 September as part of the wider Leeds Digital Festival. If you would like to dial into the session for free, please register here.

To learn more about Interweave, as part of the Yorkshire and Humber Care Record, you can visit the website or email

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    Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB), and Interweave teams are delighted to be speaking at Leeds Digital Festival on 27 September.

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