“I want to be Humbelievable!” by Margaret Ekpo, International Nurse at Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust

Published: 12 May 2024 to 31 December 2098

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Today we celebrate International Nurses Day. We heard from Margaret Ekpo about wanting to be 'Humbelievable' and joining the Trust from Nigeria.

How long have you worked for the Trust?

I started my role as nurse in an Inpatient Rehab unit within Malton Hospital at the Trust just over a year ago. I previously worked in an Emergency Department and I knew I didn’t want to do that anymore. I had done some work in mental health but I wanted to do more in future in regards career progression.

What drew you to work for Humber?

I am originally from Nigeria and was looking at options of how I could progress in my career. One of the options was moving to Canada and working there, but then I received the opportunity of working for Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust and I was really interested as it’s a mental health trust. I read all about the Trust and I knew I wanted to work in mental health. What really drew me to them though was their slogan of being ‘Humbelievable’ and I said to myself “I think I want to be Humbelievable!”.

The whole ethos of the Trust really interested me especially when I also saw their values – Caring, Learning and Growing together. Making the decision to leave my home country this gave me the confidence I was moving for the right job with the right people who would support me to learn and grow while caring and being cared for.

How did you find the move from Nigeria to Malton?

Malton is gorgeous and peaceful! I have always been a city girl but I am winding down now. Moreover, I currently have two lovely daughters and I want them to grow up in a peaceful and family friendly environment then they can decide to move to the big cities when they come of age. They love where we live and have made lots of friends, they’ve even started to get the Yorkshire accent!

I was amazed at how much support I received before moving and since I’ve come to England, the Trust made it hassle-free. When I arrived the accommodation was all ready for me, they had even given me the information I needed to find the shops and the post office. Plus they had sorted all of my documentation. They even gave me a list of contacts that I could reach out to if I needed anything. This support was also there for my family too.

And now I have been here a little longer I am part of a wonderful community and I am part of a lovely church, Elim Ryedale. The people I have met through the church are so welcoming, they’ve helped me with furniture and household items to get me settled and they check in on me and my family very often.

What do you like most about your job?

In Nigeria I had a good job, but not in the field I really wanted. My job here is different every day and I have to keep up with new challenges. And every day I come to work and I learn something new.

My manager Janet, my preceptorship lead Donna and supervisor Tony have been amazing and so supportive.

The benefits you get for working in the Trust are so different to what I have received before. For example, we are offered flexi time which was never an option in Nigeria. And with the annual leave I have time to spend with my family too.

I was also really impressed with how well the Trust looks after their staff by offering things like Wellbeing checks, as you need to be well cared for to be able to care for other people properly.

What would you say to someone thinking of making the move like you did?

You won’t regret it! And come to Malton because everyone is so nice and welcoming.

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    Today we celebrate NHS Overseas Workers Day, we hear from Margaret Ekpo about wanting to be 'Humbelievable' and joining the Trust from Nigeria.

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