Trust Celebrates Best Ever Staff Survey Results

Date: 08 March 2024

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The results of the 2023 NHS Staff Survey show that working at our Trust is already matching the aspirational experience for all NHS employers to reach by 2025 and is the most improved provider of its kind in the country for the question asking staff it they would recommend their organisation as a place to work. 

The NHS Staff Survey is an important tool for assessing the quality of care and the work environment within NHS trusts. It provides valuable feedback to help NHS organisations identify areas in which improvements could be made.

This year 56% of staff completed the survey, a record for the Trust and above the national average.

Results measure progress on seven NHS People Promises plus the themes of staff engagement and morale, to track national progress against the ambition to make the NHS the best workplace it can be. We were pleased to hear from our team that we are performing above the NHS average for all people promise themes and subthemes.

The Trust’s results are benchmarked against other Mental Health & Learning Disability and Mental Health, Learning Disability and Community Trusts, providing focus for both areas for improvement and celebration.

The latest report also includes five years of results which demonstrate the positive work that has been done to ensure continuous improvements are made to staff and patient experiences. This includes an improvement in the number of staff who agree/strongly agree that they ‘would recommend their organisation as a place to work” which have risen from 49% in 2019 to 67% in 2023, making the Trust the most improved in the country for Trusts of its kind and second most improved in the NHS over that time period.

Michele Moran, Chief Executive said:

“I am delighted that our results show the passion, talent and drive that all of our staff have to deliver the best possible patient care and make our Trust a great place to work.

It is great to see our response rate improve by 12% meaning over 440 more staff completing the survey than last year. It is only through our staff feeling empowered to speak out and have their voices heard that we can ensure we put the focus our energy on where it is needed most.

We are continually looking to welcome new members of our team and I hope that through these results they can see an organisation that will prioritise their well-being and professional growth. Together we do amazing things, and I would encourage anyone considering a career in healthcare to seek an opportunity with us.

Karen Phillips, Deputy Director of Workforce and OD said:

“We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey and shared their experiences with us.

It is great to already see the results of bringing to life the People Promise to life for our diverse team and services. We will continue to work together to focus on areas where we can do more. Our teams will support us to do this and to put into practice where they work.”

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