Friends and Family Test Form Online

Welcome to the Friends and Family Test. Here you can help us to improve our services by:

  • Telling us what has gone well
  • Telling us what has not gone well
  • Telling us how to make things better

Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability.

You are a*
Think about all the times we have seen you. Were we:*
Were we friendly and helpful?*
Did we give you all the information that you needed?*
Did we make you feel safe when we saw you?*
Did we see you in a place that worked well for you?*
Did we treat you the way you wanted to be treated?*
Did you feel you were a part of making choices about your care?*
Did you feel like we listened and understood you?*
Did we give you enough time?*

Thank you for completing the survey. For questions about the NHS Friends & Family Test, please email us at