Health Stars

We are Health Stars, Humber’s local NHS charity.

We promote the development of exceptional healthcare which goes above and beyond NHS core services, through the investment in environments, resources, training and research. 

Health Stars invest tens of thousands of pounds into the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, every year.

Health Stars works in partnership with the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust to enhance the community and mental health services provided to over 800,000 people living in our service area. 

At Health Stars, we’re very proud of our NHS and we work hard to improve services, through investment in specialist equipment, training and environments. 

As a local charity, we rely on the support of businesses, community groups and the generosity of our friends and neighbours. Generous donations and wonderful fundraising efforts help us improve services for patients and their loved ones, who are looked after by the amazing staff at Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust. 

To find out more or support our Trust charity, please visit the Health Stars website. 

Alternatively, you can also contact our Charity Coordinator, Christine Eyre, directly via