Nurses’ Day 2022

Published: 12 May 2022 to 31 December 2098

Thursday 12 May marks Nurses’ Day 2022 and this year, the theme of the event is ‘Best of Nursing’.

This year there is a great opportunity for health and social care organisations to showcase the incredible work and the difference our nurses make the patients and their families’ lives, by sharing stories that show the very best of nursing.

It has been a challenging few years for health and social care workers and it has amazed us all to see the resilience and bravery shown throughout the pandemic.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all our nursing and midwifery colleagues today. This is your day. You work so very hard, and it’s time to take a moment to reflect on the difference you make to people every day, and to feel proud of yourself.

We also encourage our colleagues across the NHS to take a moment to say thank you to your colleagues. Without this teamwork and uplifting culture, it’s uncertain where we would be today.

You can see the first of our #BestOfNursing by watching this video of one of our Nurses, Sadie, telling her story.

Thank you for all that you do.

Here for Life

As part of Nurses’ Day, we’re also pleased to see the ‘Here for Life’ campaign has been launched.

Here for Life aims to empower Nurses and Midwives to tell their own stories, so that the general public will develop an understanding of the breadth and diversity of their roles and expertise, and the impact that these professions have on individual patients, carers and their families, as well as on society as a whole.

The campaign is being shared actively on social media and in the mainstream media, including on TV and radio. If you see the campaign and support what it stands for, please do share the message in support of your Nursing and Midwifery colleagues this Nurses’ Day.

Get involved

Other ways you can get involved this year is by using the Royal College of Nursing’s poster and Microsoft Teams background to show your support on the day.

Download the poster here

Download the Teams background here

Follow us on social media @HumberNHSFT to join our celebrations and hear stories of the #BestOfNursing this week. We look forward to seeing you there.

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