Our Head of Patient and Carer Experience Wins National Award for Contribution

Published: 06 April 2022 to 31 December 2098

We are proud to announce that our Head of Patient and Carer Experience and Engagement, Mandy Dawley, has been recognised at the Patient Experience for Improvement Conference this year, winning a national Head of Patient Experience Network Award within NHS England and Improvement.

Mandy received a number of nominations from her peers within the Patient Experience field, due to her brilliant contribution to the network over the past year.

Some of these instances included:

  • Leading work on listening to lived experience and developing our Trust’s work around collecting and using stories to co-produce solutions
  • Always being willing to share best practice and to listen and learn from others
  • Delivering a great presentation with our Business Intelligence Team (Stewart McCulloch) on developing our Friends and Family Test Dashboard, which included demonstrating the different uses of the dashboard and how it has helped to improve services

Given the extensive nominations received, NHS England and Improvement felt that Triangulation was the best suited category for Mandy to win, due to her wide scope when it comes to approach and contribution to the Head of Patient Experience (HoPE) Network.

When reacting to her award win, Mandy said:

“I am thrilled to receive this award and it feels extra special as the nominations came from my peers.

I’m really grateful to be recognised and appreciated, but I must say a special thank you to my team, each and every one of them work so hard behind the scenes to engage, involve and listen to members of the public. Whether it’s to listen to positive experiences or have a friendly voice on the other side of the phone when a concern is raised.  And thank you to all of my colleagues in the Trust who make our jobs so much easier because of their dedication and commitment to the Patient and Carer Experience and Complaints and Feedback agendas. I can’t forget our patients, service users, carers, members of the public and partner organisations. Without each one of us working together as partners, we wouldn’t be where we are today with our engagement, involvement and feedback agenda. 

This award is for us all to celebrate how far we have travelled together on our co-production journey to date.” 

The HoPE Network is a vibrant community of practice that brings together those who

work in, or have an interest in, improving experiences of care. It is steered by a Leadership Group of 14 members, who ensure that the work of the network reflects the needs and preferences of its members.

Those involved in the HoPE Network work in a collaborative way, they openly share

promising practice, documents and ideas.

The core objective of the HoPE Network is to improve the experience of care.

Delivery of this objective rests on five aims:

  • Supporting the development of leadership capability and skills in patient
  • Experience for improvement
  • Sharing emerging practice, learning and experience
  • Shaping policy, nationally and locally
  • Working collaboratively in quality improvement in experience of care

Each year, the Network runs a “Patient Experience for Improvement” Conference. As part of this conference, we HoPE members are asked to say thank you by recognising colleagues from the Network who have shown leadership or who have developed positive practice to resolve solutions members face in day-to-day practice.

It is as part of these efforts and initiatives that Mandy received this fantastic award and recognition for her hard work. We hope you join us in wishing her a big congratulations. Well done Mandy.



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