Learn how to get involved in our Trust activities

Published: 01 March 2022 to 31 December 2098

Our Patient and Carer Experience (PACE) Team are excited to launch their first training programme, in collaboration with our Recovery and Wellbeing College. The course is called ‘How to get involved in Trust activities’, which aims to show you our opportunities for professional and personal development.

This can involve things from volunteering and engaging with our activities in your free time, to joining our PACE forums to have your say in the local NHS, participating in developing services within the Trust.

Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to spend your free time in a valuable way, want to try something new, or hope to make a difference in your local community, we might have an activity that sparks your interest.

The course is made up of 8 modules, which each take a small amount of time to complete. You can dip into the course as and when you want to, meaning that you do not have to do all the modules, and you can complete these in your own time.

If you do choose to complete the course in full, the first 100 people to do so will receive a free gift hamper, as a token of thanks from our Trust for taking the time to complete the programme.

At the end of the course, not only will you be equipped with the knowledge about what opportunities are available, but you will also know who to contact to take the next step and get involved.

When engaging in Trust activities, you can discover what it means to work for the NHS and truly make a difference to people’s lives.

We have a vast range of opportunities available, which the course takes you through step-by-step, so you can explore which options may be interesting to you.

Testimonials from our current volunteers and PACE forum members indicate that spending your spare time in a valuable way can have a meaningful impact on your health and wellbeing, which is why we are proud to launch this course in collaboration with the Humber Recovery and Wellbeing College.

To access the ‘How to get involved in Trust activities’ course, all you need to do is sign up for free on the Recovery and Wellbeing College website: https://humberrecoverycollege.nhs.uk/course/26

You will then be taken to the platform, which includes many courses, sessions, and podcasts, which have been designed in co-production with professionals and service users, to empower people to take control of their own wellbeing. All resources are free to use for anyone over the age of 18.

We hope to see you there. If you have any more questions about this course or our Recovery and Wellbeing College, please email hnf-tr.recoverycollege@nhs.net



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