Thank you to our medical educators

Published: 09 February 2022 to 31 December 2098

Our Medical Education Team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Hull York Medical School (HYMS) Year 3 Tutors, Team Leads, Clinical Teaching Fellows and Programme Administrators, as we have once again just received some excellent feedback from HYMS.

Dr Niki Taylor, Curriculum Lead for Mental Health, and Deputy Phase 2 Lead at Hull York Medical School (HYMS) was kind enough to send the recent results to our teams, stating:

“Please find the fantastic feedback from the medical students for Humber once again. The scores for Humber were higher significantly than the other MH Trusts.”

The results shared were collated from surveys Medical Students completed after completing parts of their training at our Trust.

One of the questions the students were asked as part of this survey, was ‘Are there any excellent tutors and positive experiences at your mental health placement site that you would like to tell us about?’

We are proud to share that feedback from the students included:

“Almost all the tutors that have taught us have been amazing. I enjoyed the opportunities given, such as being on call, attending an ECT session, going to a CAMHS unit, and seeing a Forensic Psychiatry unit. I also liked the Simulated Patient session that was arranged at the beginning of the block which allowed us to practice speaking to SP before consulting a real MH patient.”

“Dr Merolli was really helpful throughout the block with any questions/concerns we had. He ensured everything went as well as possible for out Mental Health block. He even ensured each of us had the opportunity to work with him for a day to have further learning experiences with a consultant.”

“Dr Duncan has exceptional in every sense of the word for facilitating our teaching.”

“Dr Gabriel was very supportive of our group - he encouraged discussion about patients' conditions and also encouraged us to go in on certain days/do certain things to make the most of our experiences.”

“Jane excellent at planning and notifying students of changes to the timetable, etc.”

“Dr Brown's CAHMS clinic was very eye-opening to the world of child psychiatry, and I was very thankful to be able to attend the full clinic. In addition, Dr Merroli's endeavour to have 1-1 teaching with us all, as well as consistently check with us to report feedback showed exceptional motivation to teach us and drive to improve the rotation.”

Our Medical Education Team really appreciates and values both our students and our medical educators, who deliver an exceptional learning experience to our medical students and junior doctors on a daily basis, and without whom, our involvement in these programmes would not be possible.

To be involved thanks to their enthusiasm, and to know that the students are enjoying their experience, is a great reward for the hard work put in.

Well done and thank you to everyone involved.

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