Apprenticeship Week 2022

Published: 04 February 2022 to 31 December 2098

Apprenticeship Week

Next week, commencing 7 February, is National Apprenticeship Week.

This year marks the 15th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships.

The week brings together businesses and apprentices across the country to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

As part of our plans, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the wonderful Apprentices, in a variety of our teams, across Humber.


Angela, Learning & Development Practitioner Apprentice 

I have worked for the Trust for 3 years in the Learning and Development team, and since June 2021 I have been in the role of Apprenticeship Specialist.

I chose to do an additional apprenticeship for a promotion and to develop in my career. This was the best way for me, as I don’t need to have all of the experience or relevant qualifications to be successful at interview. The interview process was more geared towards me as a person and if I would fit in with the Trust’s mission and core values.

It is also important to me to achieve my functional skills level 2 in Maths and English and to gain a recognised qualification and be a member of the professionally recognised body CIPD.

Apprenticeships have enabled me to have a successful career, along which I am learning new skills whilst maintaining a stable job and gaining a recognised qualification, all during my working hours. This means my work-life balance is not disrupted.

It fills me with a great sense of pride to know the Trust believes and supports me, which has helped boost my confidence. I’m able to embed my new skills within my existing job, which is also helping me to develop further as an Apprenticeship Specialist, and to better understand the work my colleagues do within the department on a broader scale.

I cannot recommend apprenticeships enough. Being able to learn whilst at work has really helped me develop and improve my skills. I simply would not have been able to complete this course without the support from my employer.


Ellie, Healthcare Support Worker Apprentice

I have worked in the Trust for just over 2 years, starting as an Administration Assistant for one of our Adult Mental Health teams and have since moved on to be a Healthcare Assistant in the Home-Based Treatment Team.

I chose to complete an apprenticeship alongside this role, to help me develop my skills in the care sector. I have experience working in the crisis team as an administrator which had given me some knowledge about how to complete my new role, but I was looking to enhance this knowledge.

It has been with the support of management that I have made the change from Admin to Healthcare Assistant. They have seen potential in me, which I am really grateful for.

Some of the benefits of completing this apprenticeship has been being able to learn new skills and have a path of progression in my role, as well as gaining a qualification. I would recommend an apprenticeship as working whilst learning has boosted my confidence and has helped me develop and improve my skills.


Samantha, Registered Nurse Degree Apprentice

I have been lucky enough to work in the Trust for just over 13 years, working specifically in CAMHS. I started my career as a Healthcare Assistant at West End Child and Adolescent Unit and currently work in East Riding Core CAMHS as a Student Nurse. 

I have always dreamed of becoming a Nurse and this is what has encouraged me and given me the determination to gain the additional qualifications I needed to achieve this. The apprenticeship for me is the exciting beginning of my future career, it will give me the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge both clinically and academically and transfer this into my future role as a Registered Nurse. 

The apprenticeship programme allows me to stay within my current team whilst studying a degree at university. Giving me the opportunity to continue to work with and shadow clinicians to gain further skills and experience in our service from a Student Nurse perspective, alongside my academic development. 

I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship, it’s an amazing opportunity and a great way to learn and develop whilst staying within a clinical setting and with a big support network around you. I have had great support and encouragement throughout. 


Sophie, Occupational Therapy Degree Apprentice

I came into the Trust almost 5 years ago as an Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) in the Community Team for Learning Disabilities (CTLD), and now I am employed as an Occupational Therapist in Hull.

My initial Band 3 OTA position included an apprenticeship in Supporting Healthcare Services, which in turn supported my application to Sheffield Hallam University to complete my degree apprenticeship in Occupational Therapy. Since completing my apprenticeship, I have secured a developmental Band 6 role within the Trust.

Without the apprenticeship opportunities available to me throughout my career at the Trust, there is no way I could have gone back to studying and qualifying as an Occupational Therapist.

Although it has been difficult at times to balance work, home and university, especially during the pandemic, it has been 100% worth the hard work to come away with a degree qualification in an area of healthcare which I am passionate about.

I would recommend completing an apprenticeship to anyone thinking about it – it’s been such a fantastic opportunity for me, and it has allowed me to progress in my career and develop as a person.


Violeta, Human Resources Apprentice

I have worked for the Trust for just over 2 years in the role of Senior Recruitment Assistant. I love gaining new knowledge, skills and enjoy a challenge.

I have several years’ experience in dealing with recruitment and management, and I completed a Business Management degree prior to joining the Trust. I was offered the opportunity to take on an additional apprenticeship as part of my development plan in my current role.

It’s a change from the classroom. I get real, hands-on experience in a future role, learning the right skills and expanding my knowledge in a practical environment.

I would highly recommend apprenticeships. It is prominent to gain and improve knowledge and skills while you’re at work. It’s also beneficial to step in into your future career without considering students loans. I would like to say a massive thank you to my employer for all the continued support I have been given.


Ryan, Digital, Marketing and Admin Apprentice

I started in my current role as Digital, Marketing and Administration Apprentice for the Humber Recovery and Wellbeing College quite recently, at the start of the year. My role includes marketing the free wellbeing courses and sessions on our social media platforms, expanding our online presence, and cultivating an engaged and loyal student-base online. My role also includes communicating with current and future partnerships to open up new opportunities for our students.

I am undertaking this apprenticeship as it has allowed me to change my field – from a role in social care to one in marketing and social media. These areas are a growing passion of mine. An apprenticeship is allowing me to explore that passion and to pursue my development each day, which suits me perfectly.

The key benefits of doing an apprenticeship if you get a full view of what it is like to work and earn in the area you are interested in, but you also get to work towards a formal qualification in your working week. With the apprenticeships that Humber provide, you are treated as an equal and a fully qualified professional whilst being given adequate time to formally improve your portfolio, both by experience and by study. They’re also dedicated to supporting you, so you always have someone to contact if the balance is not working for you.

Apprenticeships are an opportunity for you to be certain that your role will give you the space required to learn and grow whilst also doing something you enjoy doing professionally. I would recommend an apprenticeship – 100%.


Lauren, Learning & Development Practitioner Apprentice

I have worked for the Trust for little over a year, having started in November 2020 as Apprentice Clinical Systems Trainer. My main role is to train new and current staff members on how to use the different functionalities in the SystmOne and Lorenzo Clinical Systems.

I chose to apply for and do an apprenticeship as the job I would need to perform was all new to me. An apprenticeship was the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and improve my own personal development.

The benefit of doing an apprenticeship for me was being able to learn new skills whilst on the job and come out the other side with a recognised qualification, which I can use the skills gained from it to be able to support to my team going forward.

I would recommend anyone who is thinking of doing an apprenticeship to go for it. It’s never too late to learn something new and start a new career path. I’ve found it useful to learn within the work environment rather than a classroom, so I’ve been able to develop my practical skills and understanding I’ve needed to perform well in my role. I would not have been able to succeed without the support and mentoring from my team lead and employer.


James, Marketing and Events Apprentice

I have worked for the Trust since July 2021 in the role of Marketing and Events Apprentice.

I’m working in this apprenticeship with Cambridge Marketing College as external providers. I wanted to do this apprenticeship as I thought it would give me the necessary experience in a workplace I would need going forward. I do not have a wealth of experience in the field just yet, so it has been invaluable so far. I have been supported by everyone on my team and I’m enjoying the role.

I would always recommend undertaking apprenticeships as they can offer you a way into a new career, just as it has for me so far. You get an excellent blend of working and educational skills at the same time, with the necessary support all news starters like me need to kickstart their career ahead.

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