Whitby Hospital Project Update – January 2022

Published: 31 January 2022 to 31 December 2098

Update from Pete Beckwith, Whitby Project Group Chair

I am pleased to be able to share a Whitby Hospital redevelopment update with you, which will highlight some of the key developments as we move through the New Year.

At the end of each update, we include Frequently Asked Questions which address popular queries that we have received.

If you have a question about the project, please email HNF-TR.communications@nhs.net using the subject ‘Whitby FAQ’ and we will include an answer in our next update.


Demolition Phase Begins

The second phase of the Whitby Hospital renovation project is well underway.

Following a programme of extensive surveys and investigations, the demolition of the main block started earlier this month and will continue until April, when the unused portion of the site will be transferred to the local authority.

Passers by and visitors will have seen for some weeks parts of the old building coming down. For staff and some in the local community, this has been an emotional time where they have said goodbye to old work areas, including the Maternity Ward, café and kitchen.

At Humber, we have supported staff through this phase by ensuring that we continue having conversations. Not only to be able to speak about how we feel, but to share stories and memories together. Some of our kitchen staff and porters have worked in the old building for over forty years, and many have achieved important milestones in their careers in these buildings, so it has remained a priority for our Trust to ensure we all have the opportunity to share our feelings and say goodbye to the old hospital in a positive light.

Whitby Tower Block

The newly refurbished part of the hospital, also known as the Tower Block building, completed in September 2021 and is now fully operational. Patients, staff and visitors have provided excellent feedback to us and we are pleased to see people enjoying the new facilities.

The Café is also now open to the public and is based on the ground floor, and can be accessed via the entrance near the vehicle turning circle.

Whitby Hospital Artwork

We have now appointed the lead artist at Whitby Hospital, Sarah Daniels. This is an exciting milestone as it means that we are now moving forwards with designing the new art projects that will be developed with community and staff engagement events at the Hospital.

When considering the artwork previously displayed in the hospital, we held two gallery events last year and invited people to come forward to share their stories and teach us more about each piece.

These galleries were extremely well attended, and it was a pleasure for us to learn more about these special places. We are also pleased to be repatriating several pieces of the artwork where former ownership has been expressed and verified.

Our plan is to digitise the old artwork so they can be available to view on screens, in waiting areas of the new hospital.

New Dementia Friendly Garden

We’re pleased to say that the new garden on site has come a long way over the last couple of months. Thanks to NHS Property Services, the garden is now beautifully planted with shrubs and trees, which we are looking forward to seeing bloom and grow in the warmer months.

The garden is set to be a relaxing outdoor space for patients, staff and visitors and is decorated with bench and storage shed as provided by our Trust Charity, Health Stars.

Volunteers Needed

We are looking to increase the number of volunteers at Whitby Hospital.

There are a range of opportunities in our volunteering team currently and we would be thrilled to hear from you if you would be interested in learning more about this.

If you’re interested, please contact the Hospital Manager, Sonia Rafferty via email sonia.rafferty@nhs.net or directly to our new community engagement advisor, Steve Jepson at Carers Plus, who is helping us reach our goal with regards to volunteers and training. You can reach Steve via email steve@carersplus.net or phone 07511177077.

Buy a Brick Fundraising Campaign

As part of the wider fundraising campaign, also known as the Whitby Hospital Appeal, our Trust Charity, Health Stars, launched a Buy a Brick campaign in November and we have been pleased to see the interest so far.

This is a unique opportunity for people to get their very own piece of the hospital. The bricks can be personalised and will be a part of the landscaping wall on site.

It’s a great way for you to have a part of the hospital’s legacy. Sponsoring a brick is also a fantastic opportunity to create a lasting tribute in memory of a loved one. You could include your own name, someone else’s or even a business or team. 

To learn more about the project and how to get involved, please click here.

Big thank you from Whitby Hospital Manager, Sonia Rafferty

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of our staff, patients and to the local community for their support, commitment and loyalty to our local hospital over the years.

It has been a challenging time, particularly during the pandemic, but I think I can speak on behalf of us all when I say it really kept us going. We have been fed, watered and uplifted throughout this time and all of the incredible acts of kindness have certainly not gone unnoticed. Thank you.”



Who are Health Stars and Hey Smile?

Healthstars is the name of Humber NHS Teaching Foundation Trust charity which promotes investment and enhancement in our services above the core levels of NHS core funding. The charity is run on behalf of the Trust by HEY Smile and wants to raise money towards enhancements to the Whitby Hospital Project.

Find out more about Health Stars here

Find out more about Hey Smile here

What are the “enhancements”?

The Trust is fundraising to enhance the Whitby Project, the areas fundraising will be used for include:

  • Enhanced Garden Design
  • Artwork
  • Enhancements to Patient and Staff environments

Anything that is raised for by the charity is what goes above and beyond core NHS funding. This is what Health Stars called ‘adding the extra sparkle’.

  • Summary: