How we are working together with CHCP to deliver Hull and East Riding’s leading contraceptive service to young people

Published: 22 November 2021 to 31 December 2098

Our Integrated Specialist Public Health Nursing service (ISPHNs) works together with CHCP’s Sexual Health Outreach Team to deliver Hull and East Riding’s leading contraceptive service.

We spoke to Ellie Wilson, Health Visitor from our ISPHN services, who told us all about how this is a great example of collaborative working across healthcare providers in the area.

Throughout the pandemic, both teams have been working exceptionally hard to ensure that both adults and young people across the region are aware of and have access to sexual health services and support.

While School Nurses in our ISPHNs team maintained a presence in schools at this time and felt that referrals were being maintained well, it was also felt that there was room for improvement. We were of the belief that more options, for all ages, would be beneficial to ensuring that we were reaching as many young people as possible.

It was in this moment that our teams contacted CHCP’s Outreach Team to discuss the possibility of collaborating, to achieve a higher level of success together.

Fast forward to today, our teams are delighted to say that the ongoing support the Conifer team have offered has been brilliant, and that they have been exceptionally responsive and supportive throughout.

They also noted how the new collaboration has enabled young mothers who do not have transport to access service support from home. Streamlining the process to make it more effective, attractive to young people and to ensure more young mothers felt they could continue to be protected, without having to leave the safety of their own home during a global pandemic.

June Agius, Operational Lead at Conifer CHCP CIC noted that regular meetings with our ISPHN service has not only been more effective but has improved service provision overall.

Finding new ways to offer robust pathways into our services is of paramount importance to both Humber and CHCP, especially for young and vulnerable patients who may have otherwise gone without.

We are delighted to see good practice be celebrated by teams in the area and would like to thank all involved for their hard work and dedication during this challenging time.

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