An introduction to Huw Jones, Governor for East Riding

Published: 08 October 2021 to 31 December 2098

Meet Huw

Hello. My name is Huw Jones, I am a public governor covering the population of East Riding. I am now in my second and final 3-year term as a Governor at the Trust and was the Lead Governor for a few years.

I have always been interested in health and care services having a career in the health service working in Hull and East Riding since 1995 with a 3-year break to work on a national programme to improve cardiac services. I have lived in the East Riding since 1995 and am clear that the role of a member and a governor is to reflect the interests of the local population in the work of the Trust.

In trying to undertake my role as a Governor I am particularly interested in reducing inequalities in health and giving people a fairer chance in society when they have additional needs. I reflect this interest in the different things I do since leaving the NHS, in recent years I have been heavily involved in school governance being the Chair of Beverley Grammar School and also Vice Chair of Oakfield Special Residential School, in other work I have worked to provide prisoners with a better healthcare service, chaired a local charity formed to provide a support service for autistic people without a learning disability aged 13 or over and also worked with a range of learning disability services across England.

Digital systems are a fantastic tool to enable better health for people of all ages and needs. I spend a considerable amount of the working week promoting the use of digital tools that allow better communication and planning for people with a range of needs including autism, dementia, Parkinson’s and learning disability.

In my role as Governor at the Trust I Chair a Governor led group on Finance and Audit where we provide oversight to the role of Non-Executive Directors in their leadership of both functions. The group has been in existence for a few years and allows Governors to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities for the Trust and risks the organisation faces when trying to improve the quality of services provided.

Outside work people don’t see me too often as I am regularly in the garden or playing golf. I have a 6-month old Cocker Spaniel – very active – with gardening gold and the dog keeping me active I have been able to look after my mental and emotional health through the recent turmoil in all our lives.

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