Whitby Project Update: July newsletter

Published: 27 July 2021 to 31 December 2098

Update from Pete Beckwith, Whitby Project Group Chair

I am pleased to be able to share a Whitby Hospital redevelopment update with you, which will highlight some of the key developments since our June newsletter was released last month.

At the end of the update, we have put together some Frequently Asked Questions which address some of the most popular queries that we have some across on this project so far.

If you have a question about the project please email HNF-TR.communications@nhs.net using the subject ‘Whitby FAQ’ and we will include it in a future edition.


Tower Block Opening

The first phase of the renovation is on track for completion in August 2021. This includes the opening of the Tower Block building.

The Tower Block has 4 core levels for our Trust services and facilities, which will include the new Urgent Treatment Centre with x-ray facilities, Podiatry services, Dentistry services and our Ward.

This milestone will be celebrated with a virtual tour for people to get a feel for the new build and the fantastic facilities this will provide to the local community.


Mulgrave 10k

As we mentioned last month, the organisers of the Mulgrave 10k have donated 20 places to at this year’s race to Health Stars to support fundraising for the Whitby Hospital appeal.

The race is will be held at the Mulgrave Estate on the 8th August and is organised by Loftus and Whitby Athletic Club in conjunction with Mulgrave Community Sports Association. Thank you for your support.

There are just a couple of spots left. If you would like to secure your place, please contact hello@healthstars.org.uk for more information.


Charitable Funds

Fundraising to add that extra sparkle to the hospital is being led by Trust Charity, Health Stars, and Hey Smile Foundation. The Whitby Hospital Appeal is the name for the overarching fundraising effort.

During the first months of the build, the team appointed a Whitby Hospital Appeal Co-ordinator, Jude Wakefield.  Jude is based in Whitby and has a wealth of knowledge to support the team in the activities involved.

Health Stars have been working closely with Executive Leads, Construction Managers, Architects, Independent Dementia Friendly Consultants, Staff and the Community to identify enhancements that span through the Hospital which includes:

  • Dementia Friendly Garden (work currently in progress)
  • Artwork / Appointment of a Lead Artist
  • Enhancements to Patient and Staff Environments

The team are proud to say that, so far, they have raised £31,877.85 through a variety of fundraising activities and generous donations.

Thank you to all who are helping us to achieve our goals and add that extra sparkle to Whitby Hospital, if you are interested in raising money for the Whitby Appeal, please contact Jude via email: jude.wakefield@nhs.net


Room bookings

We are replacing the existing room booking system at Whitby Hospital with the new Shared Space system across all of our sites.

Whitby will be among the first to go live, with all others following in September.

Once registered on the system, it will be much easier the user to book a room. There is also more detail on the type of room and function on the new system to aid the booking of appropriate space.

Full details of this will be communicated with staff and partners in due course.

  • Summary: