Our Dietetics team host Milk Ladder virtual sessions

Published: 07 May 2021 to 31 December 2098

Milk Ladder - Dietetics

Last week our nutrition team held a Milk Ladder session, which is a virtual group education session for parents with a child who has a cow's milk protein allergy.

Parents were invited to attend the group session as their child approaches the stage of reintroducing milk back into their diet. The group educates parents on the cow's milk protein allergy, the symptoms involved, and explores the milk ladder in detail.

The milk ladder is an evidence-based guideline for the home re-introduction of milk and dairy products into the diets of infants and children with mild to moderate cow’s milk allergy.

It is a plan to re-introduce milk products gradually and in stages, starting with foods that contain only a small amount of well-cooked milk and progressing towards un-cooked dairy products and fresh milk.

The group sessions are run by our Paediatric Dietitians and the overall aim is to allow parents to jointly discuss any worries or concerns they might have and ask any questions prior to beginning this at home. 

In the latest virtual event, one of our students in the department, Louise, hosted the session as part of her learning and experience. Louise has been working alongside the paediatric dietitians and continues to gain valuable experience within this specialism.

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