Westlands brightens up their space with incredible wall mural sponsored by Health Stars

Published: 17 March 2021 to 31 December 2098

Westlands Mural funded by Health Stars

Following some fantastic fundraising efforts at Westlands Inpatients Unit in Hull, the team contacted our Trust charity, Health Stars, to lend a helping hand in creating a new calm room for their service users. 

The room was previously an unused space which was completely dull and uninviting, and the team had big visions to transform the space by creating an area that service users could go to when they needed a moment of calm.

After hearing the team’s fantastic ideas, Health Stars worked together with Cherelle at the unit, to design the space and bring their vision to life. The team requested a woodland theme in the room, as they believed it would feel magical and relaxing, but also be age appropriate for their service users.

Health Stars worked in partnership with Katy Hughes from Wall Things Bright and Beautiful, a small art business in the East Riding, to get to work on the ideas brought to her. Katy hand paints bespoke wall murals, and in this case she was able to perfectly capture all of the elements the team outlined in their brief, in just 3 days of work.

Kristina Poxon, Fundraising Manager at Health Stars, said:

“After hearing the team’s ideas, I knew working with Katy from Wall Things Bright and Beautiful was a great way to achieve their goal. I’ve worked with Katy before and her work is nothing short of amazing.

Her attention to details is incredible, she completely transformed the room. After working closely with us from start to finish, the room is now the perfect space for service users to enjoy for their 121 sessions and to go to for a moment of peace. I don’t think it could’ve turned out much better.”

Health Stars managed to make this idea a reality with the help of charitable funds, which commissioned the work and a number of items to go in the room as a supplementary help to the fundraising efforts made by the team. This partnership enables us to really enhance the patient experience, and to support a team’s existing efforts to go that extra mile.

Danielle, a member of staff at Westlands, let us know how much she and the team loves the wall, and wanted to take this opportunity to thank Katy for her incredible work. The mural really brings the room to life and is the focal point of this useful and inspiring space.

Katy Hughes, Artist at Wall Things Bright and Beautiful, said:

“When I was first approached about a mural for the calm room project by Kristina at Health Stars, I loved the idea. Our mental health is important now more than ever, after such a difficult and isolating year. So I wanted to be part of this project, which could help people who are struggling.    

The brief was a calming woodland themed mural. The patients who would be using the calm room are adults, so I didn’t want anything too young. I wanted the artwork to evoke the cool mist of an early morning, so it would feel quiet and still. The vertical and horizontal forms in the composition help with this, as do the muted background colours.

Kristina and Cherelle showed me other items which they wanted to use in the room, such as cushions which had deer on them, which inspired the creatures in my mural. I hope the room becomes a peaceful place for patients to relax in.”

Our teams would like to thank Katy for her incredible work at Westlands. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

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