Call for involvement in Whitby Hospital and Gardens renovation and fundraising

Published: 02 February 2021 to 31 December 2098

The Whitby Hospital and Gardens renovation is now well underway. Our Trust is currently asking for people from the local community to get involved and have their say. Task and finish groups address several areas of the project, from Garden and Landscaping to Naming the Wards.

These groups comprise of individuals from many different backgrounds, including corporate and clinical NHS staff, local businesses and members of the public. Anyone with an interest in the development of the hospital and gardens is welcome to join.

Caroline Walker, HCA on the Whitby Hospital Ward, said:

“I joined the group so that hospital staff would have a voice. It is important to me that we involve members from all areas of the community, to have their say in the refurbishment and future of our local hospital.”

Over the last few months, both internal and external renovations have produced significant change, which is now apparent from the surrounding grounds. Moving forwards, the next few weeks will see the progression of high level roof works, steelwork to the new extension and the link bridge structure, as well as ongoing internal works.

Health Stars, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust’s charity, is leading the task and finish groups, including the fundraising appeal for the hospital.

Fundraising Manager, Kristina Poxon, said:

“We’re really excited to be launching the appeal for Whitby Hospital. We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target to raise £200,000 to add sparkle to the hospital over and above what the NHS can provide.”

Health Stars has also recently welcomed Judith Wakefield, as Whitby Hospital Appeal Coordinator. Judith’s experience in the area is expected to equip her with the local and professional knowledge to elevate this special project.

The team would need people from the local community to get involved and help fundraise to meet this target.

The Whitby groups are also proud to announce that Doff Pollard has been re-elected as a Governor on the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Council of Governors, for another 3 years.

She said:

“I feel it is a privilege to be elected as the Governor for Whitby. My motivation is to acknowledge and pay back for what the hospital and all the staff gave me when I needed it. I want to be available to listen to the voices within the community, to take them up and get them heard and, where possible, use them to influence the way forward.”

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Whitby groups or fundraising for the local hospital, or you have questions about the project, please contact


Task and Finish Groups

Task and Finish Groups for Whitby Hospital and Gardens were created to address the key areas of renovation that we seek to achieve, alongside the main construction works. This includes the naming of the wards, the garden and landscaping, artwork in the hospital and fundraising.

The fundraising element is the largest undertaking as the Whitby Appeal team have an ambitious goal of raising £200,000 to spend on things that will add the ‘extra sparkle’ to the hospital. Above what the NHS can provide. This will include things that will make the hospital a more comfortable and welcoming place for all kinds of patients. The task and finish group associated with this goal have started from the very beginning, brainstorming ideas for what this money should go towards and taking the opinions from staff, the public and local businesses, to decipher what is most important and would hold the most value.

Other task and finish groups, such as the ‘naming the wards’ group, are heavily influenced by staff who have worked at the hospital for many years and feel very connected to the building itself. They want to have their say in the next stages of development and the Trust takes great pride in including them in this very closely.

Anyone can join these groups and we encourage everyone who would like to have their say to get involved. We hold monthly meetings on Microsoft Teams which group members are invited to, where they will hear about renovation progress in detail and also be able to discuss their group’s progress, with regards to the topic they’re working on.


Renovation progress update

What we’re building

Presently, Whitby Hospital covers a large area & has numerous levels, with different clinical & support services spread throughout the building. The new scheme consolidates these services within the Refurbished Tower Block. The Tower Block Refurbishment is due for completion in the summer of 2021. Demolition of the lower part of the hospital and the associated landscaping are due for completion at the end of 2021.

Recent progress

Over the last couple of months, we have:

  • Commenced Internal Work to all Levels of the Tower Block
  • Demolished the Link from the Low Level Hospital to the Tower Block
  • Commenced the Foundations for a New Extension & Link Bridge Structure

What’s next

  • Progress with Internal Works including the Installation of New Services
  • Progress with High Level Roof works
  • Commence Steelwork to the New Extension & Link Bridge Structure
  • Commence Plastering & Decoration to New Internal Walls


Working with BAM

About BAM

BAM Construction is part of BAM Construct UK which is one of the country’s largest construction services organisations with a turnover of more than £900 million. We operate throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Our European parent company is Royal BAM Group which employs over 25,000 people worldwide and has a turnover of €7billion.

BAM Construction are currently building other projects in the North East including Regents Cinema in Redcar & the Northern School of Arts in Middlesbrough.

Environment and community

BAM is committed to helping the environment and community. This includes reducing our carbon emissions, recycling, and wherever possible diverting waste from landfill. During construction, our team is looking at ways in which we can work with, and support, the local community. This includes a commitment to the local recruitment and the use of local subcontractors and supply chain wherever possible. We will also be getting involved with local education and charitable causes.

  • Summary: