Friends and Family Test – Positive Feedback for Primary Care

Published: 04 December 2020

The NHS Friends and Family Test is a simple questionnaire that patients are asked to complete so we can gain a better understanding about the care they have received and whether they were satisfied with it or not.

The test aims to encourage patient feedback, show patients that their views matter to us, improve patient services and experience, provide feedback on specific care and treatments, and it enables our Trust to see the things we have done well and consider any ways in which we can improve moving forwards.

This year, we recorded a wealth of positive feedback for our Primary Care groups, despite the challenges faced during COVID-19. It is reassuring to us to know that our service users still feel confident in our services and that they have continued to feel satisfied and supported with our approach to Primary Care during the global pandemic.

When analysing the feedback, we found two key themes that came up frequently throughout the responses. These were focused on patients feeling safe and patients appreciating the use of technology in keeping them connected during COVID-19.

“The service was excellent as always! Very polite and staff go the extra mile. They have taken good Covid precautions and I felt very safe.”

– Princes Medical Centre

 “I used the online facility and filled in the form for my symptoms.  A Doctor replied to me by text, explaining the next steps. Fantastic system, really pleased.”

 - North Point

In addition to this positive feedback, our local GP Practices received excellent satisfaction scores throughout the year, despite the challenges we have faced as a result of the global pandemic.

Satisfaction scores included an average rate of 94.3% in April, 92/8% in June and 89.6% in October. We are thrilled with these results and are looking at ways to continue improving these figures even further.

“The nurse has been absolutely amazing throughout my period of feeling unwell, I cannot thank her enough for her advice, compassion and care. She's a gem.”

- Market Weighton Practice

It’s also important to note the significant volume of responses we received from the Primary Care sector this year. From January 2020 to October 2020, we received a total of 9,123 responses.

Overall, we are thrilled with the excellent results of our Friends and Family Test this year and we look forward to discovering how we can continue to enhance our services and satisfaction rates, year on year.

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