Introducing Physio Direct, a new self-referral service for Scarborough and Ryedale

Published: 28 October 2020

We are pleased to launch our self-referral for patients over the age of 18, who are registered with a Scarborough and Ryedale GP and have musculoskeletal problems which are amenable to assessment and treatment by physiotherapy.

Why introduce a self-referral service?

This service has been set up to allow patients to get advice quickly from professionals about neck or back pain, recent injuries and any muscular or joint problems.

Similar services in other parts of the country have shown that offering direct access to a physiotherapist for musculoskeletal problems reduces demand on GP services, decreases referrals to secondary care and results in high levels of satisfaction for patients.


How does it work?

To access the new service, patients can call our Customer Access Service on 01653 609609, between 8am and 6pm, 7 days a week.

When doing this, they will be booked into a telephone triage appointment with a physiotherapist. 

During this triage appointment, the physiotherapist will assess the patient’s condition over the phone. They will then be advised on the best way to manage their problem. This could be:

  • Exercise prescription with follow up for progression and review where appropriate
  • Advice and education regarding their condition
  • Signposting to online resources
  • An appointment to attend a physiotherapy assessment online or at a clinic
  • A GP referral where clinically indicated

Assessment findings, treatment and outcomes will be shared on record, which notifies your GP that Physiotherapy intervention has taken place.

While we are pleased to launch this new referral service, we do have to remind people that some issues are better seen by a doctor right away.

If you need urgent help, you should attend the emergency department of your local hospital. Despite the Coronavirus crisis, NHS services are still open and available for those who need them.

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