Marking International Nurses Day

Published: 12 May 2020

A message from Michele Moran, Chief Executive and Hilary Gledhill Executive Director of Nursing, Allied Health and Social Care Professionals.

International Nurses Day is a day for contemplation, commemoration and celebration. 

Today we pause and unite to reflect on the contribution of nurses not only within our Trust but also the contribution nurses around the world make to protect and promote health and care for those when they are at their most vulnerable. At this time when the world is grappling with a pandemic on the scale that has not been seen in modern times it is an opportunity to acknowledge and thank all nurses who are an important part of our front line response to COVID 19, using their skills, expertise, care and compassion to save lives and support recovery.

Nurses play a diverse and important role in our Trust – you will find them in every part of our Trust, delivering care on our wards and in the community, in management and leadership roles,  throughout our operational and corporate teams and leading our Trust- where three of our Executive Management Team are registered nurses. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you and today is a chance to acknowledge the importance of our nurses and the profession in shaping our Trust and the delivery of our mission.

Nursing has changed dramatically since Florence Nightingale founded the first nursing school in London and has continued to change in response to the needs of the communities we serve , new technologies and patient and carer expectations but what has not changed are the fundamental values of nurses of caring, kindness and compassion in the delivery of care.

We have both spoken to many teams over the last two months as our nurses continue to deliver outstanding care in the most challenging of circumstances. We hear stories of the remarkable efforts of our nurses and the teams they work with going above and beyond to support our patients and their families and each other during these uncertain times.  These stories are delivered as just part of the job and without the expectation of thanks or acknowledgement but it is what many of you consider to be ordinary is what makes an extra ordinary different to those we care for. 

Tonight as we join with others across the country to ‘shine a light’ for nurses we also pay a tribute those who have sadly lost their lives over the past two months. Their dedication and commitment will not be forgotten.

We ask everyone to join us at 8.30pm to shine a light from your windows, doorsteps, balconies and gardens and show your appreciation in your own way for nurses of the past, present and future who are all playing their part in what we are delivering today.

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