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Published: 22 April 2020

There has been a tremendous response so far to the call to former staff to return to the health and social care workforce, with some 5,500 now back working on the front line and another 11,000 plus lined up to join them soon. We asked Sarah, who is joining the Trust as a result of this national campaign to share her experience with us.

Sarah was previously a Nurse Practitioner in General Practice and through the national return to practice scheme is joining our Trust as an Adult Community Nurse. She shares with us her journey into working for the Trust and why she wanted to show her support to the NHS at this time.

You can view ongoing Trust vacancies and lend your support to our response to the COVID-19 here.

  • Why did you come back to work in the NHS / in health and care?

I saw how serious the pandemic was in Italy and Spain and realised that my former colleagues and patients would need retired staff to come back so I felt that I should offer my skills and return to help them.  

  • What were your concerns about returning to practice?

I was worried that my skills would be rusty - I was pleased to learn  that I would be working as a basic level nurse with a lot of support and supervision.  

  • How was the process and your first day?

The process has been fairly quick. My first day I met the team who were all lovely. I got my uniform fitted and was shown how to wear a face mask. We had some training and we planned my induction and return. It went smoothly and I was really happy to be there helping.  

  • Why would you encourage others to sign up to return to practice?

I think we should all consider whether we can offer our help to the NHS in this time of crisis, we have a lot of experience and our NHS colleagues / ex colleagues and patients really need us.  Everyone has been so nice, welcoming and grateful - the people at NHS England, the HR team and my new colleagues. It is very heart warming.  

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