The life of a Social Prescriber: week three round-up

Published: 12 April 2020

Hi again, I’m Megan, the Social Prescribing PCN Link Worker for Holderness Health at the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust and welcome to week three of my daily blog. This blog will hopefully offer some support and information to anyone who may be in a similar situation to me, and give insight into how I am trying to maintain as much routine as possible.

This week I have mostly been working from Alfred Bean Hospital in Driffield as the Hub in Bridlington had too many staff to assure we would be unable to practice good social distancing. I have really enjoyed working from the hospital, it is a calm environment and I have found I have been able to be very productive. My colleague Fifa and I recreated our version of a TikTok that we posted on the Health Trainers Twitter; we added some dumbbell’s to make it a little more difficult. We thought this would be a great idea to get families moving together and hopefully bring some entertainment and laughs, and I must say after learning the dance and then having to film it I was tired – time for a tea break I think!

We are still working to support people who are vulnerable or are shielding due to Covid-19 and need access to food, medicine and well-being support. We have seen a significant amount of referrals coming through with the highest being around 280 referrals in one day – and boy was that manic! We are all working together to try and provide the best care we can to those in the community that need it and we will continue to do so through the pandemic.


My top tip of the day is: try not to focus on the News so much!

I have limited myself to only watching once a day - it’s important to have a break from everything we see on the news programmes otherwise we will all get so consumed that is all we focus on. Pop on your favourite comedy or sitcom (FRIENDS) and have a cuppa - you’ll feel much better!

I hope you are all doing well and are trying to stay positive and productive, although this is so challenging and can be really tough especially for those that are used to always being outside it is important to remember that we will all get through this as long as we stick together and stay home! I know the sunny weather can be tempting but please stay home, have a picnic in the garden not the local park!

Also, I got an Easter egg today – I was so excited! Thank you Humber!


Thanks for reading,


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