YOURHealth – Santa’s Smoke-free wish for local children this Christmas.

Published: 19 December 2019

Santa Claus and his elves are working hard in the workshop this December ready for the big day. However, this year Santa wants his ‘elf trainers’ to add an extra bit of magic for the children in Hull and the East Riding.

Father Christmas wants us to sign the pledge to show our support to see all homes go smoke-free. Hundreds of children living locally will be spending their Christmas day at home playing with their new toys whilst spending time with their loved ones in a house that is sadly filled with smoke – increasing the risk of asthma attacks, chest infections and if not careful a house fire! These are not the gifts Santa or YOURhealth wants Children to be receiving on Christmas day. We have an opportunity to change this and be a role model to our children and our next generation by taking the cigs outside or better yet – stubbing out the habit for good ready for the New Year!

Santa Claus visits thousands of children in the East Riding each year and knows first-hand how harmful passive smoking can be on children, as it results in over 22,000 new cases of asthma every year. Children who live in a home where they are exposed to smoking are also three times more likely to smoke themselves, as it becomes recognised as a normal behaviour.

We can help stop this viscous cycle from continuing on. Show that you too are behind a smoke-free generation and sign the pledge today by going to You will receive regular updates on your East Ridings smokefree progress and what we are doing to ensure we improve the health of our next generation.

The New Year is just a matter of days away now, don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Make a change and be that role model to your children, grandchildren and those you love. Refer into your FREE and local East Riding Stop Smoking Service today by texting QUIT to 60163, calling 0800 9177752 or go to to find out more.

Smoker, ex-smoker, never smoked – It doesn’t matter! We can all be a part of it and help make a change to our children’s health, wealth and future, show your support and sign the pledge!

Let’s give Children the best Christmas present this year – a Smoke-free home to ensure we WILL have our first smoke-free Generation by 2022!

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