Moments of #Kindness

Published: 18 May 2020

Over the last few weeks, the world has been turned upside down. As we continue to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime it’s more important than ever to focus on the good. 

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we're sharing some insight into some of the moments of kindness we have witnessed, to illuminate the positivity that has continued to come to light during such a difficult time.

Donations galore!

Over the past few weeks, our Trust has received countless donations from generous organisations within our communities. Our staff are so very grateful for this show of support and we think it’s a well-deserved moment of kindness.

“We would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge thank you for all of the items donated to our Hospital during this time. We have received so many wonderful gifts, it’s hard to keep track! Your generosity has blown all of us away and we simply feel so appreciated. It really helps.”


Telephone befriending service

Our Voluntary Services team completely transformed their day-to-day routines during this time and one of the most popular new offerings is their telephone befriending services, which provides key support to those who are in isolation at this time. The service has been extremely well received, with comments such as this from our service users:

“She said the positive thing to come out of coronavirus has been to be able to chat and laugh on the phone with me twice a week. She asked if I would still ring her after things go back to normal”

The service has been just as beneficial for the volunteers as for our service users, who have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. A member of our team even brought their Dad on board as a new befriender, much to the delight of her Mum who says that Dad is much happier since making the calls.

“On his befriending days he is much lighter; feeling animated, bubbly and full of life. He feels like he is making a real difference.”


Connecting older adults in care

Our Maister Lodge team have worked hard to keep their older adults in care connected with their families during times when visitation isn’t permitted.

The measures we have put in place and the adaptations we have made are allowing us to continue with the important work to keep relatives involved in their loved ones’ care. In addition to this, continuing to engage families is helping provide some level of consistency in an otherwise uncertain time. For some, it has helped decrease levels of anxiety and loneliness amongst both the patients and their families.

After we played a recording down the phone today, he became a little emotional and said “he wasn’t sure if he was more taken aback that his wife was doing so well, or that staff are thinking of him and taking the time to include him in these moments”. He passed on his thanks to the team and said he could never express how grateful he is.


Coming together and supporting one another

Our staff at Whitby Hospital are working on the front line, which can be a worrying place to be at times. They tell us that they take comfort every day, in knowing that they’re supported by their colleagues and that they’re working together as a team.

“My staff are so resilient and despite their anxieties or worries, I am so proud of how the team has stuck together and supported one another. Everyone has families at home who they need to worry about, but they still show up and deliver excellent patient care, even in times of high stress.”


Supporting people who are looking for work

Our Positive Assets team developed during the Coronavirus crisis and have learned so much throughout the past few weeks.

The remit of Positive Assets is to support people who have accessed secondary mental health services to move into paid work, as employment is known to support recovery and the long term management of enduring mental health problems.


“We place great importance in supporting people with severe and enduring mental health issues to find work that is right for them, rather than taking any job, so that the work they find is sustainable and supports their recovery, by offering structure, routine, increased socialisation and financial independence.”


International Nurses Day

2020 is year of the nurse, and although our nurses and midwives didn’t quite expect this year to take quite a turn…they have been humbled by the support shown to them, particularly during International Nurses Day last week.

Our Trust supported the Shine a Light campaign, which marked the special day with people shining a light from their homes on the evening of May 12th.

“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all nurses and midwives who do things every day that most of us couldn’t. Your contribution, not only to the fight against the pandemic, but to the health of people every year, is outstanding. Thank you for the sacrifices you make for us all.”

Thank you to everyone who is contributing to the little moments of kindness in every day. We appreciate your support and are always humbled by your ability to spread positivity. We hope you join us in marking this Mental Health Awareness Week, helping us to break the stigma and showing that now more than ever, #KindnessMatters.

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