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Positive Assets

Do you feel that your mental health problems are a barrier to gaining employment? Do you live in Hull? If so, Positive Assets can help.

Most people who use mental health services want to work and are capable of working with the right support. However, they can face discrimination when applying for work.

In order to challenge this discrimination, Humber NHS Foundation Trust
has developed Positive Assets. This service encourages and supports
people who have used mental health services to apply for posts
within the Trust, Hull City Council, NHS Hull and City Health Care Partnership.

Positive Assets can:
• help you find out about vacancies
• support you to make job applications
• prepare you for interview
• help you with practical matters such as benefits, childcare
• provide on-going support when in work.

We aim to improve mental health in the workplace by offering:

A service for job seekers who feel that their mental health problems pose a barrier to gaining employment.

A service for employers to provide support to them and their business for managing mental health within the workplace.

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