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New CAMHS Service

Welcome to the news page for the CAMHS inpatient unit where you will find information about the latest developments of the build and new service.

You can also find out more about roles we are recruiting for along with the briefing paper on the right hand side which details more about the jobs available and how to apply.


February 2019 News Summary

Building update:

Steel works are complete with the build on track to be open in the autumn. 

Design team, contractors and the Trust met to review the ironmongery which will ensure that both staff and young people can move around the building safely and securely.

The clinical team recently visited the site and were able to walk through the building with Peter Flanagan saying it’s “starting to look like a hugely impressive building from which we will be able to deliver first class care and support for our young people and families”.

Clinical news:

The Inpatient team have met with the CAMHS community teams in Hull and East Riding to update them on the progress and to talk about how the inpatient service will enhance the community offer to our young people and their families. General feedback was positive, clinicians were keen that the transitions between community and inpatient services were as smooth as possible, the key being communication.

Work is ongoing on the development of a robust training plan to ensure that the service is supported by a highly trained staff team. Alongside more traditional psychological interventions the service is looking to develop the AMBIT (Adaptive Mentalisation-Based Integrative Treatment) framework which is one of a number of emerging adaptations of MBT. The AMBIT approach provides tools for putting mentalisation to use in work with young people, staff teams and wider inter-agency networks, and is designed to support the development of both local excellence and evidence-based practice.

The Trust has continued the task of reviewing all of its policies to reflect the introduction of a CAMHS Inpatient service. Productive sessions have taken place to review the Trust’s Search and Seclusion policies.

Paul Warwick, HilaryGledhill andCathryn Hart met with Tom Phillips from Hull University and Barry Wright from York University to discuss research opportunities for the development of the newCAMHS unit,  and the need to embed research into the daily processes of the inpatient service including providing staff with training around research methods and the possibility of some dedicated research time for staff within the service.

 Recruitment news:

The social media campaign to recruit Band 5 and 6 nurses went really well (see media update) and we have had a good response.

Paul Warwick is very happy to talk to anyone who is interested in working in the new service particularly Band 6 nurses.

Don’t forget you the Trust are running a ‘refer a friend scheme’ for Band 5/6 nurses!

In the media:

A Facebook campaign was launched this month to promote the unit and spread the recruitment advertisements.

The promotion featured the film which young people made to highlight what skills they’d like staff to have that come and work in the new unit.

The campaign was a great success with over 150,000 people seeing the post and over 70,000 people watching the video!

Impact Appeal update:

On 7 March, Hull BID manager Katheryn Sillito is hosting a musical evening at 1884 to raise funds for the Impact Appeal. The event is a sell out and is it hoped lots of money will be raised. This is also a great networking opportunity for Health Stars who will be attending to help with fundraising activities and spreading news about Impact Appeal.

MADL (Making a difference Locally)/NISA stores are holding a week long Fundraising event to coincide with National Mental Health Awareness week starting 13 May 2019. All money raised will go towards the Impact Appeal.

ResQ Call Centre are hosting a business networking breakfast for their clients on 26 March where they will invite customers along to talk to them about how they are involved with the Impact Appeal and encourage other businesses to get on board.


14 February 2019

"Can you work with us?"

Watch the CAMHS recruitment video below - created by young people, representing young people - showcasing what we're looking for in our new staff team for the new inpatient unit...

To find out more about the roles we are recruiting for, download the briefing note on the right hand side of this page under 'downloads' or visit the Humber NHS Jobs page.

04 February 2019

Press Release: NHS charity appeal launches a mental health challenge to schools across Humber. Read here.

January 2019 News Summary

Building update:

The building framework is progressing.

Since the project started Houlton’s have completed the soft strip out of the Children’s Centre.

Demolition is complete and the mechanical and electrical existing services have been removed and reinstated, and new stud walls have been skimmed.

The new build site strip, cut and fill, and stone formation is complete.

Drainage diversions are complete, the structural steel has been installed and the car park has been asphalted.

The building framework is progressing with roof trusses now on site and are being installed.

The Trust is working with stakeholders from Sunshine House and the Children’s Centre to develop a shared garden space for the services.

Clinical news:

Discussions have been taking place with Hull City Council and The Venn Academy regarding  the education provision in the new service.

The Humber Inpatient team have met with Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust who have been commissioned to deliver a 14 bedded unit in the South West.

The inpatient team have recently published a case study on the Anna Freud website, detailing their engagement with your people in developing the building design (

Recruitment news:

We have appointed to the Consultant Psychologist post.

The Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Lead and Charge Nurse posts are all currently out to advert and closing next week.

Adverts for the Specialist Nurses, Band 6 and Registered Nurse, Band 5 are currently out on NHS Jobs.

Young people were very clear that for the unit to be a success, we needed to find excellent staff with the right skills to work there. To achieve this the service has worked with them to create a video to support the recruitment of all posts. The video features young people asking candidates  “Can you work with us?”. The Video can be seen on the Humber Facebook and Twitter page from 14 February. Young people will also lead on all of the recruitment and all candidates will be interviewed by a panel of young people.

What’s going on in the community?

We are working with Cottingham High School, SMAS, Gilling Dodd Architects and Faithful and Gould Project Management.

Year 10 is supporting the development of the interior design for the new unit thinking about how it should look and feel to keep it safe but homely.

The young people have worked exceptionally hard and have generated some excellent ideas (although not sure we will be able to accommodate the sauna and swimming pool!).

Young people took part in filming a recruitment video which run alongside the social media campaign to recruit to new CAMHS role. 

In the media:

Since its launch on World Mental Health Day, the Health Stars Impact Appeal has attracted media interest.

All press releases relating to the CAMHS unit and appeal have been picked up by printed press.

BBC Radio Humberside are following the project and the last interview on site was aired on 22 January. Clinical Lead for the service Paul Warwick and Consultant Clinical Psychologist Louise Mowthorpe took part in the interview with can listen here - coverage starts at 1:55:35.

The communications team have key milestones for the build and service diarised with media interested in visiting throughout the year.

Impact Appeal update:

Local call centre business ResQ are championing the Impact Appeal and are encouraging other local businesses to do the same. ResQ have raised nearly £5000 which will go towards buying specific play equipment for the new CAMHS unit.

The Impact Appeal is launched a schools campaign on 4 February in line with Children’s Mental Health Week.

Activities are underway by local fundraisers including the Rotary Club and community groups to raise money for the appeal.

The Health Stars team are working hard to raise the awareness of the Impact Appeal on social media.


14 January 2019

Press Release: Local business boosts NHS charity appeal for children's mental health. Read here.