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Looked After Children's Health Team

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Children who are Looked After (Children in care) are more likely to have unmet health needs than their peers and as such require statutory health assessments whilst they are in the care system in order to help address these issues.

The Looked After Children’s Health Team ensure that all children receive a medical assessment within 20 working days of becoming looked after and that children aged under five years have a health assessment every six months and those aged five years -18 years have an annual health assessment.

The team works very closely with colleagues in the local authority including the 2 local children’s homes. The team also works closely with health colleagues including health visitors, school nurses and the Designated Doctor for Looked After Children.

As young people leave care at the age of 18, each young person is given a history of their health in the form of a “leaving care document”.

The team are based at Beverley Health Centre and consist of a Designated Nurse and 2 Health Coordinators supported by Senior Administrators and can be contacted on 01482 347320. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

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