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Integrated Specialist Public Health Nursing

COVID-19 Notice

Dear Parents, Carers and Young People, due to the recent government advice and rising concerns over COVID-19, the Integrated Specialist Public Health Service has been advised to reduce some of the routine and non urgent contacts we provide. This has included the cancelling and postponing of some services until further notice.
Wherever possible, to minimise face to face contacts we have switched appointments to phone calls and virtual contacts. We expect to continue to provide support to those who need it during these times and are running a very limited home visiting service. If you require support, please contact your duty team during office hours. Please click on the link for each team's contact details:

Our website also hosts lots of valuable health information and support for families:

We also have a dedicated Coronavirus page you may find useful at this time:

Young people aged 11-19 can still text in and speak to one of our School Nurses using our Chathealth facility on 07507 332891. For further information about our ChatHealth service please click on the link:

To keep up to date with the latest information on the coronavirus and what to do if you are experiencing symptoms, please visit the Public Health England website:

The NHS in Hull and the East Riding, and Public Health England (PHE) are well prepared for outbreaks of new infectious diseases. The NHS is continuously reviewing Government and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines and putting the appropriate measures in place, so we can ensure the safety of all of our staff and service users, whilst also minimising the risk of spreading the virus.


About our service

The Integrated Specialist Public Health Nursing Service (ISPHNS) 0-19 (25) delivers the Healthy Child Programme ‘Pregnancy and the first five years of life’ and ‘From 5-19 years old’. Our teams also provide Public Health Nursing Services for children and young people aged minus 9 months to 19 (25) years of age and their families.

The service is delivered by six professional teams across the East Riding. These teams are comprised of specialist community public nurses, family nurse practitioners, breast feeding specialists, public health nurses, nursery nurses and health care assistants. Our specialist public health nurses work closely with other services and settings, including community midwives, GPs, children’s centres, early years’ settings, schools and higher education settings. We also work closely with other agencies for children with complex health needs or special educational needs and disabilities to ensure they get the services and care they need.

From the start of your pregnancy through to your child entering school age, we offer all families support and advice. The ISPHN Service aims to empower families to make informed and positive decisions about health. Please contact our teams if you would like support or information regarding feeding, sleeping, toileting and behaviour, as well as any issues relating to your own emotional health and parenting.

For more information, please take a look at our website:

From the start of your pregnancy until your child starts in education, your child will be offered the following health assessments:


During this contact in pregnancy you will receive your Parent Held Record (Red Book).

You will be able to talk about your expectations of being a parent and other health topics.

7- 14 days after birth

This new birth visit is carried out at home to review general physical and emotional health needs. It provides an opportunity for support with feeding and any other issues you may like to discuss.

6 weeks of age

This visit allows for your baby’s growth to be monitored and for a further review of physical and emotional health needs. Again, this is time to discuss any concerns or support needs you may have and to discuss immunisations.

4 months of age

During this contact your baby’s development is reviewed using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and growth is monitored. You may also wish to discuss introduction of solid foods and any other areas you may need support with.

Around 10 months of age

Your baby’s health and development will be reviewed. Growth is monitored and discussions held regarding feeding, sleeping, dental health, vision and health and safety.

Around 2.5 years of age

This is carried out to assess your child’s health and development, including language, behaviour, sleep and toileting. The Ages and Stages questionnaire is completed and growth monitored.

School age children

When your child is of school age the specialist public health nurses continue to support their health and wellbeing. Our aim is to ensure every child transitions safely and happily into adult life.

We achieve this by:

  • weighing and measuring children as part of the National Child Measurement Programme;
  • providing health information, advice and support to families and carers;
  • providing support and advice to young carers;
  • supporting periods of transition;
  • delivering immunisations and vaccinations to young people attending secondary schools and colleges;
  • working with other services and agencies to safeguard and protect children and young people;
  • ensuring young people in secondary schools and colleges have access to drop-ins which provide free and confidential advice relating to physical, emotional and sexual health;
  • working with and referring/signposting to other professionals, services and agencies;
  • delivering health promotion in schools and colleges relating to puberty, making positive and informed health choices, relationships and positive sexual health, safety and risk-taking behaviours, hand-washing and emotional wellbeing;
  • supporting young people who have particular medical/health needs;
  • providing specialist support/guidance and appropriate health information to staff in educational settings.

Family Nurse Partnership Programme (FNP)

The Family Nurse Partnership programme is a free and voluntary programme for the under 20s expecting their first baby. It is an integral part of the 0-19(25) service.

A specially trained Family Nurse will visit every one to two weeks starting in early pregnancy and continuing until your child is two years old.

The visits usually last around an hour.

You will also be offered the Healthy Child Programme by your Family Nurse.

The FNP programme aims to enable you to:

  • have a healthy pregnancy;
  • Iiprove your child’s health and development;
  • help plan for your own future and achieve your aspirations.

We know that dads are important to their babies, so we welcome dads or partners to join in during the visits if you would like them to.

Throughout your journey, you and your family nurse will work on lots of different aspects of pregnancy and parenthood together including: parent-child attachment, feeding your baby, immunisations, child development and school readiness.

Your family nurse will also fit the programme around you and your specific needs.

If you are under 18 years of age and are pregnant or have a child under two years of age, you can access support from the Family Nurse Partnership Programme (FNP). Click here for more information.

Immunisation Team

Our Immunisation Team delivers immunisations in secondary schools, special schools and other education providers across the East Riding. Their focus is providing HPV (anti-cervical cancer) vaccine for girls in Year 8 (first dose) and Year 9 (second dose), and booster immunisations for all young people in Year 9.

Contact Details

Bridlington ISPHN team

(01262) 400565

Family Nurse Partnership

Tel: (01482) 335001

Goole (Goole, Howden, Gilberdyke and Snaith) ISPHN team

Tel: (01405) 752931

Haltemprice (Cottingham, Hessle, Brough and surrounding villages) ISPHN team

Tel: (01482) 335010

Immunisation Team

Carol Clark Immunisation Co-ordinator
Tel: 07718 192106

North Holderness (Beverley/Hornsea) ISPHN team

Tel: (01482) 677618           

South Holderness (Hedon/Withernsea) ISPHN team

Tel: (01482) 344455

West Wolds (Pocklington/Driffield) ISPHN team

Tel: (01759) 448366

Team Leaders

Louise Hobson
Tel: (01482) 336801

Denise Purdon 
Tel: (01482) 344510

Family Nurse Partnership Supervisor

Joanne Southard 
Tel: (01482) 335001