Dementia Services and Hull Memory Clinic

The Team

We have been offering an early memory assessment and treatment service for nearly 20 years through the Hull Memory Clinic based at Coltman Street and through our community services in the East Riding.

Hull Memory Clinic provides a specialist service for people of all ages, aiming to meet the needs of people who are concerned they may have a memory problem. The Team also work with the person’s supporter to ensure a quality assessment and treatment process, that takes everyone’s needs into account.

A multi-disciplinary team, qualified in diagnosing and treating memory problems, will comprehensively assess and diagnose the nature of a person's memory difficulties.  The team includes: nurses, support, time & recovery workers, psychologists, psychology assistants, occupational therapists and psychiatrists.  Findings from assessments and any diagnosis are usually reported to the patients registered General Practitioner (GP).  

Following a diagnosis, a range of treatment interventions can be offered to both individuals or groups, and can include medication if necessary. All of this is provided with additional input from a range of support workers and robust links with other agencies. 

What should I do if I am concerned about my memory?

If you have a concern about your memory, it is important that you make an appointment with your registered GP.  If you are a carer, relative or friend of someone who you think has memory problems, encourage them to to see their GP at the earliest opportunity as there are other treatable conditions that can cause memory loss. A GP may wish to eliminate those conditions before referring someone to our Early Memory Service.

NHS Choices and the Alzheimers Society offer excellent advice on what more you can do if you have concerns and have published the following leaflets:

NHS Choices - 'Worried someone close to you is losing their memory'

Alzheimers Society - 'Worried About Your Memory'.

Lewy Body Society "Are you Worried about Dementia" and "Referral for a Diagnosis"

How to access this service

The Memory Clinic accepts referrals primarily from GPs, but it also accepts referrals from other agencies, as well as service users themselves, or their supporters.  If we receive a referral from someone other than the service users registered GP, we will need consent from the service user to contact their GP for more information in order to properly assess the referral and offer an appointment.  This helps us to provide the earliest assessment appointment possible.  

Contact details

Tel: 01482 336617


Hull Memory Clinic
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